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    Default I have finally convinced my family!!

    I am SOO excited!!!

    After years of hearing Bryan and I go on and on about Couples, my brother and his girlfriend have taken the bait and booked a Secret Rendezvous for March!!! I am just thrilled for them!! The only thing that would make it perfect would be if they got CTI!! I have been on them for three years now, first they went to Mexico, then Punta Cana, then Aruba....finally they are coming to Jamaica!!

    They find out in four weeks where they will end up, I will keep you all posted!!!

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    Default variety

    Very cool!
    It's nice for them to be able to share your excitement with Couples. We 'secret rendezvoused' last summer and enjoyed the price! Actually, I think it'd be neat if they got one of the other three. I bet they'd fall in love with that one and could convince you to try a different one. We are trying our third of the four in 42 days (CSS here we come), and then we just have CN left. They all look beautiful to us, and then we feel like we can pick a favourite, while knowing what they all have to offer. For sure, they'll have a great time. Good convincing .. lol.
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    It's pretty adventurous of them to be making their Couples debut by going the SR route, bully for them. I'm too anal, altho if we end up loving our upcoming vacation (which I'm about 150% sure we will), and we want to return for another go-round, maybe I would take a stab at the SR.

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    LMAO..totally with you Ron...I would never survive the SR wait!! Nor could I survive not having control!!

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