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    Default Which resort is for us?

    Okay, I know this questions has been asked several times already, and I apologize! I have searched, and cannot find exactly what I am looking for!

    My husband and I are starting to plan for our next trip to Jamaica. Last year we went to S for our honeymoon, this year we just returned from H3, and next year, we are thinking about trying Couples! We are in our 20's. Little bit about what we like: Good food, nice pools, nice beaches (we like to be able to get into the water without having to worry about seaweed and rocks), topless/AN sections, and good service.

    Thanks in advance for any opinions, I'm sure this wont be the last of me!!! Bye for now!

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    Nude sunbathing options
    CTI has Tower Island.
    CSS has Sunset Beach.
    CN has dedicated Au Natural beach.
    CSA has no nude beach and some do go topless on the beach.

    CN and CSA both have great soft sandy beaches and as far as seaweed and seagrass it is dependant on the weather and what gets stirred up. On the most part the staff does an excellent job keeping the beach clear of any debris and the water is pretty much clean of seagrass.

    All of the resorts have excellent food and pools but keep in mind that each resort has its own design and layout.

    I strongly suggest that you view as many pictures as you can find of each resort and let your heart speak to you as far as which one you select.

    If you want plenty of pictures to look at drop me an email. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM.
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    Thanks! So basically CSA is out because it doesn't have a nude beach.
    I have heard that CN does have a beautiful beach, but I also heard that the beach is not strictly for the resort. The public can be walking through it?
    In regards to Tower Island. SRC had a clothing optional beach, however, since it was on the Island, you had to go back to the resort to get lunch and stuff, is that the case there?

    Thanks! I will be sure to check out plenty of pictures!

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    CN sits on Bloody Bay and is shared with 4 other resorts. The beach is about 1.5 miles long.

    CSA sits on 7 mile beach and is shared by many other resorts.

    CTI and CSS have thier own section of beach and is not shared.

    At CN, CTI and CSS it is a nude beach not clothing optional.

    I'm not sure what features are now present on TI and I'll leave comment to that to one of CTI's loyalists who have just returned.

    CN does have one of the BEST beaches in Jamaica.

    We call it home.

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    If a private nude beach or island is what you want then CTI or CSS is your choice. CN is somewhat private but is exposed to the public.
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    You just described all of the Couples resorts with the exception of CSA (no AN). CTI and CSS are on private strips of water, no-one there except the actual guest and employees. CTI's tower isle, you take a boat over, and they do (I believe) bring food over for lunch, but they do not have an actual grill. We love CTI

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    Wow RDYJMJM, that is one incredible aerial shot of Couples and Bloody Bay in general. When you see it from this perspective, it appears that CN isn't quite as congested, resort-wise, as I previously imagined.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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