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    Default GETTING MARRIED AT CSA May 4th, 2010!!!

    So Ladies,
    My fiance and I are getting married at CSA and have no ideal what to do.. We want to not see each other the whole day before we get married, do they provide you a separate room to get ready or is that not a possibility??? Ideals please? We are christians and believe in not seeing each other until the ceremony which is at 3pm..Any suggestions...PLEASE!
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    Mrs Scales - Welcome to the MB. I'm getting married at CSA on May 18th at 10am. I am so excited and can't wait for May to roll around. This same question was asked a few months ago if I remember correctly. I'm not sure if your fiance could get a separate room for just one night. You could always call the 1800Couples number and ask how that would work.

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    I was also wondering the same thing but then once I thought and thought about it....I dont want it that way. It is not a traditional american wedding and I am not going to try and make it that way. I am going to embrace the difference. Therefore, what I have chosen to do is have breakfast that morning with my fiance around 7. Then I figured after that we would walk the beach a little bit and talk. I will then get my hair done at 9 while he does whatever he wants to do. I will then go back to my room and have him help me with my dress. Spend a few minutes alone and then show up to our wedding together. I will already be nervous enough and if I am with him the entire time (other than my hair appointment) it will calm me. I dont want to be seperated from him. He is calming and loving and he is the only one I want with me the entire day. I think it will be really special and romantic having him there to zip up my dress and exchange a few tears and hugs and then walk out together!! We have also chosen to not have him waiting at the altar but we are going to meet at the end of the aisle and walk down together.

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    When we were married last year I didn't want my husband to see me in my wedding dress until he saw me walking down the isle. We were married at CN and I let my wedding coordinator, Giselle, know this and there was no problem. He left the room before I got dressed and he was allowed to dress in a vacant room by the spa.

    The entire day may be a little tricky. My thoughts are you will have to spend more money for another room for that particular night or he could leave the room and maybe do different activities on the day of the wedding or maybe you could move the time of the wedding to a morning slot. This is a tough one...maybe you could email Debbie for a clear answer. Good luck to you.

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    Thank you guys! That helps ease my mind a lot! Guess were non-traditional all around! lol

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    My fiance and I are getting married on May 14th and I asked the wedding coordinator the same question about not seeing him before we say I do. She told me the spa has a groom dressing room that he can get dressed in and stay while I am getting ready in our room for our 10am wedding. Just ask the wedding coordinator. She will help with anything you ask.

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    I dont want my fiance to have to get ready in a dressing room at the spa. He is paying a lot of money for this room and I want him to get ready in his own bathroom with his own stuff. That makes me sad picturing him all alone in a strange room getting dressed, or any other guy out there for that matter. We are going to stick together in our own room surrounded by our own things. The only time we will spend some time apart is when I am getting my hair done. We are going to get ready together! It will be a blast!!

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    We just got married on 04-12-2010 at CSA. We stayed in the same room until it was time to go down to the beach. I had to go down before her to talk with the preacher man :-) We (including the photographer) had a lot of fun getting ready. I know it isn't the norm, but the photographer even took pics of me zipping up her dress and helping her with her necklace. It was very awesome and I am excited to see the pics. I do not regret staying in the room at all. As for me, it only took me a few minutes to get ready so having only one bathroom did not hurt us at all. She got her hair and makeup done at the spa so once she got in the room she didn't need that much bathroom time either. However you do it, just have fun! If you get married on the beach, expect the people on the beach to clap and congratulate you when it is over. I was told it would happen and was a bit nervous but turned out to be awesome..especially when someone yelled out their score for our kiss! Too much fun!!

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. We were married at CSA Oct 2008 and are returning May 5th!!! I'm sure I'll see you around the resort to tell you congrats!!!

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    I had the same idea of not seeing my Fiance until I walk down the isle that day but I think we will spend the night together then say goodbye early at breakfast. Thankfully we have family with us so he can go and get ready in his Best Man's room. We are getting married at 2pm, 25th March 2011 at CSA.

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