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    Default CN - March 6 to 13... who else will be there with us?!

    Hi message board!
    We will be traveling from Montreal to CN on Saturday, March 6 and staying for 1 week. We are excited but waiting patiently... It will be our first time in Jamaica!

    We are staying in a gardenview room and hope it's good since we didn't want to opt for the more expensive options. We hear the resort is pretty small anyways so no one is too far from the beach.

    We are wondering if any other couples of groups are going to be there then? Obviously there will be many other people there - but I am wondering if anyone reading this will be there, if so we can certainly meet up and say hello!

    We are 30 years old, from Montreal Canada and we love to travel the world. I don't know if this typically works, but you never know, we just might meet some future friends there.

    Please feel free to give me a shout if you'll be there the same time - I look forward to hearing from you!


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    Check out March Maniacs 2010 Part 2 The Search for the King.....there are people on there who will be there when you are!

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    Default we'll be there!

    Hi Joliette,

    My fiance and I will be there from the 10th - the 15th to get married and escape from our families. We're also in a chilly climate right now (Boston) but not as cold as Canada, I'm sure.

    We're in our mid-30s and have both lived in other countries for several years, so we're big fans of world travel.

    Hope to see you there!

    Marc from Boston

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    Deputy, Crazy Canuck and the group from Waterloo, Ontario(6 of us) will be at CN from March 7th to the 14th...hope to see you there.

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    Here is a spreadsheet of people from the CN March Maniacs who will be there when you are there.
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    Nice! Hopefully we'll manage to all meet up somehow and say hello. We are Nick and Shantel from Montreal, so if you hear us around, please say hi!

    We're looking forward to Jamaica and having a great time

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    Hey Nick and Shantel, Marc from Boston and the Deputy!!
    Mark and I will be doing a split again this year 3/11-18 CN and 3/18-23 at CTI
    Look forward to meeting yall !!

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    Hey all! This is my first time on this site. My future wife and I will be there March 7/8 to March 13/14. We are in our early 20's. And haven't ever been out of the U.S. really. I spent my life savings on the trip to Negril hoping for the most amazing trip and most memorable honeymoon.

    Can anyone give me any details or recommendations of what are some great things to do?

    Also, does anyone know if we can get any "special" perks for being on our honeymoon?

    Thanks everyone

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    Updated Spreadsheet!

    Attachment 4852

    Craig, Kim, Shelli & Kerry (March 10-14)

    Attachment 4853

    Rhonda & Mark (March 11-18)
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    Hey All,
    Just checking out the updated spreadsheet...looks like we're going to be doing some serious partying...especially the 10th to the 13th.
    Looking forward to meeting all of you.
    Dan & Cathy

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