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    Default CSA Daytrips advice please :)

    We are going to CSA for our first time for 6 days in April. I want to take advantage of everything this resort has to offer, however I think I would like to see a few places in Negril.

    I've heard great things about The Rockhouse/Rick's. Are these two places close to one another? I've heard that the Rockhouse will pick you up from CSA and that there is a bus from CSA to Ricks. Can I do both of these in 1 trip?

    The other 2 things that caught my interest were YS Falls and Pelican Bar. I've seen that different tour companies will bring you to these. I'm assuming that it would be more expensive to book through CSA?

    Would you recommend doing these excursions or would you stay at CSA? Also how far away are these places? Thanks so much! You guys are great!

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    Feel free to e-mail me at chris dot bevers at sbcglobal dot net. I can offer you some information.

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    Do the YS /Pelican Bar trip, it's a full day but it's worth it. I think you can do the Appleton Tour in this one too but it cuts down time at the other places and I wouldn't want to rush through either of those two other places..

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    chris i tried to email you, but i dont think i am doing it right. you can get me at this name at aol.....thanks kelli

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