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    Default CSA Clueless!!

    My husband and I are going to be going to CSA in mid-April on our very late honeymoon, and we are super excited, but also kind of nervous! This is our first trip to Jamaica, as well as to an all-inclusive resort. We would LOVE some general advice (where to eat, activities to do, precautions to take when traveling, etc.) from some CSA veterans!

    Some of the main things I would love to know about are:
    Private dinners?
    Sand fleas in April?
    Swimwear - do you have to look like a model to sport a bikini?
    How easy is check in/out?

    Can't wait to finally have some of the questions answered so I can quit worrying!

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    Jus quit worrying.. It will all be Awesome... Read the FAQ's then anything specific you need answered that the FAQ's did not spell out, come back here and ask away.... Have fun...I know you will.

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    Check in is easy check out is hard because you won't want to leave.

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    Private dinners: They are $170 and you get to pick between 2 menus. You have a private dinner on the beach by candle light with your own personal server. Ours brought music and just really made the evening special. I recommend emailing the romance concierge to get the ball rolling. It is very romantic but I would only do for a very special occassion...such as a very late honeymoon
    Sand fleas- maybe...wear some unscented bug spray at night if you are on the beach. I didn't have a problem with them during the day.
    Swimwear- Um do NOT have to look like a model. You will see all kinds. Just be comfortable, nobody cares!
    Check in: Once your shuttle arrives the men will take care of the luggage and the women will check in. Have a credit card for incidentals and your return flight info handy. It only takes 10-15 minutes and you are off to your room!
    Check out: they will drop off your check out time and instructions the night before. You will have your bags ready in your room at a certain time and then just meet everyone in the lobby to wait for the shuttle! Really painless! Just sad to leave

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    Bring a pen to fill out your customs & immigration forms at the airport.

    Sand fleas are only a problem after dark, or right after it rains. Bring repellant with Deet.

    Private dinners are very romantic, the menu is similar to Feathers. Whether it's worth the cost is your call.

    Wear your bikini - you'll look fine. No problems !

    Check in/ out is as easy as you want to make it. Carry swimwear or shorts in your bag and change in the lobby rest room in case your room is not ready yet.

    Bring some M&Ms for your favorite staff members, housekeeping.

    Banana Stuffed French Toast at Patois Patio. Trust me.

    SLOW DOWN and get on "Jamaican Time" - everything will be Irie.
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    Private Dinners: We did the private dinner on our honeymoon and enjoyed it. It isn't something that we'll do every time we go (we NEVER spend that kind of money on a meal), but it added an extra romantic touch to our honeymoon. One thing I did like is that they checked the menu with us before they served us. I am a vegetarian and picky eater and they asked what I would like instead of the suggested entree and made it for me!

    Sand flees in April: We were there in June and July and didn't have any trouble with bugs.

    Swimwear: You will find people of all different shapes in varying amounts of fabric. One of the things I like about couples is that not only does no one judge you, but most people are so focused on their partner that they won't notice what you're wearing. If YOU are going to be comfortable in a two piece, go for it!

    Check in/check out: Like everything at couples, relaxed and easy. For check in, you are greeted by cool towels and champagne. You then relax on sofas while the staff bring you the paperwork you need to fill out. It may take a few minutes, but everything is taken care of for you!

    There is really nothing to be nervous about (though I was very nervous my first time as well). Literally everything is taken care of for you. Once you get through customs, you head to the Couples Lounge and you don't have to think about anything else! They take you out to the busses, then to the resort. You will then be taken to check in and, once complete, you are walked to your room and given a quick overview (how to work the AC, etc.). There is also a resort orientation that will walk you through how everything works and where everything is if you're interested. Otherwise, everything is set up so that you can just relax and enjoy your stay!

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    loved CSA, we are trying to decide to try CN or go back to CSA. We had the Beachfront Verandah suite and would highly recommend it, we were on the second floor and left the french doors open at night (we had a second floor) with the sheers closed and listened to the sounds of the ocean at night. We have looked at other resorts and have just decided to go back to Couples since it was so wonderful.

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    You're going to have so much fun, you won't believe. All of the places to eat are GREAT, and all of the activities are GREAT! There are no precautions to take, except to wear sunscreen so you don't burn the first day. Definitely do the dinner on the beach, it is so romantic listening to the sound of gentle waves lapping the sand and just being waited on by a super server. We did not have any bites from sandfleas, and we saw many women wearing bikinis that were just normal/not models and that was just fine.

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    You can set up private dinners. I think it is $150. There were sand fleas when we were there in May. I couldn't be on the beach after dark. I got ate up, but they didn't really bother my husband. Bring some repellant with you. I don't look nearly anywhere near like a model. There are people of all shapes and sizes on the beach. You will feel totally comfortable. Check in and out is very easy. You will get a cold towel and champagne when you get there and they guide you through everything.

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    You have picked a fantastic resort. I don't know about private dinners, but I have read they are worth the money for a special occasion. We've been to Jamaica four times, and never knew they had sand fleas, or mosquitoes. We've seen ALL sizes in bikinis. Wear what you like!! Check in is normally a breeze. No problem mon!! They know when you are due to arrive, so they are somewhat prepared. Check out is same way. No worries, you will have a wonderful time.

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    We were at CN next door in September. We ate at all the restaurants at the resort and all were great. We actually liked the fine dining one the least out of all of them though. We saw all types in all types of swimwear. Check in and out was easy for us as well. Can't tell you about the sand fleas in april. We took bug spray, non-aeresol down with us and used it in the evening only. It worked fine for us. We did not do the private dinner, our friends did and said they would probably not do it next time. But others say they really enjoyed it. No Problem and have fun.

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    Ditto Bearso about the worrying - it will be an amazing honeymoon!

    Private dinners are an additional cost ($150-$170). I surprised my hubby with this a few trips back and loved it. I can send you pics or our menu if you'd like.

    Sand fleas can be a problem whenever the beach is cool and damp (evenings after a rain). We never had a problem with them at CSA, but we also aren't on the beach much after sundown.

    You absolutely do NOT have to look like a model. The great thing about Couples is that no one is there to try and impress anyone else. Wear what makes you comfortable.

    Check in and check-out is a breeze! In fact, once you get to CSA, you'll be seated at the check-in desk and handed a drink and a cool towel. It takes about 5 minutes to get your key and a staff person will deliver your bags to your room.

    I'd be happy to send you any pics or maps if that would help (
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    To be honest in all the trips we have made to CN I have never been bothered by sand fleas. Do get a couple of mossie bites at night but that is about it.

    We have never done the private dinner so I can not answer to that one.

    If you have to look model perfect to sport a bikini about half of us are sunk. No you don't have to look like a model.

    For us check in/out is always painless.

    Stop worrying, the biggest issue you had to face was picking a resort and you went with Couples so no worries mon, everything is irie.

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    My wife and will also be going in April and I have found the answer to almost every question right here on these message boards (also see TripAdvisor to full reviews). I'll spend maybe 1/2 an hour 3 or 4 times a week right before bed just cruising this board and reading post and checking out the pictures. A quick answer to a few of your questions:

    1. I did schedule a private dinner at CSA through the Couples website. It's expensive ($170) but I figure it will be a great one-time special something I can do for our anniversary. Most posts, not all, that I have read said it was definitely worth it one time but most would not do it again.
    2. Sand fleas...I've read they can be a minor irritant especially at night. Haven't seen a lot of posts about this. If you do a search on these boards, I bet you'll find more. Bring bug spray (with deet) seems to be the biggest suggestions.
    3. I've seen several questions from women asking about bathing suits. The overwhelming response is absolutely not. Seems like everyone is so laid back and non-judgemental that even the ladies who might not be a size 2 or 4 feel very comfortable in a bikini.
    4. From everything I've seen and read, seems like once you hit the ground in Jamaica everything is a breeze. All the way from the Couples lounge to the room check-in. We're going April 3rd so I'll post a review when I return.

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    It will all fall into place when you get there. The private dinners are nice in my opinion. Every now and then we will do one. I have read on here that some people don't care for them because of the lighting... it can be a little dark.
    I don't know much about the sand fleas in April, we always go in late october/early november. We went one time in june/july time and I prefer the weather later in the year.
    Don;t worry about swim suits and looking like a model. Your in Jamaica... Jamaica is too awesome to worry about that stuff. But I will say that I find Couples to have a more mature crowd than some so don't sweat the little things like that.
    Check in/out is really simple. As soon as you get off the bus when you get there they will guide you in what to do and take care of you and your luggage, all while enjoying a little bubbly! You should have no concerns and if you do just ask someone. They are more than happy to help.

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    Default Clueless

    Quote Originally Posted by SBratcher View Post
    My husband and I are going to be going to CSA in mid-April on our very late honeymoon, and we are super excited, but also kind of nervous! This is our first trip to Jamaica, as well as to an all-inclusive resort. We would LOVE some general advice (where to eat, activities to do, precautions to take when traveling, etc.) from some CSA veterans!

    Some of the main things I would love to know about are:
    Private dinners?
    Sand fleas in April?
    Swimwear - do you have to look like a model to sport a bikini?
    How easy is check in/out?

    Can't wait to finally have some of the questions answered so I can quit worrying!
    SBratcher, Where are you coming from, be sure to reconfirm your flights. Air Jamaica pushed across drastic changes in their schedules as of April 12th. Our group of 8 arrives 4/17/2010 from BWI. We had to switch to AirTran from AJ.
    If you are on your honeymoon, I wouldn't worry about how you look in that bikini, you are on vacation, no worries.

    This is our first trip to CSA but we are going with veterans. We went to another All Inclusive last year in Punta Cana and thought we were in heaven, from what we have been told, CSA will easily make us forget about that trip.

    Also check out the Meet Up Couples message board for Team CSA April 2010, tons of pics and advice. There is also a photo thread there for Team CSA April with pictures posted of the couples headed there for April. Might help you recognize us when you see us at the swim up bar. :-)

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    Default For First Timers

    1. When you get off the plane, head right for the Couples Lounge, they will take care of you, have a beer and relax until you bus leaves for the resort.
    2. You will be greeted at the resort like a King and Queen.
    3. Most important, go the scheduled Tour and get familar with the resort, it is a big help.
    4. Enjoy, you will not to leave!

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    I just want to add to the swimsuit question. The first time we went to Couples I was a size 16 and I went with a bikini. I have since lost weight and am now a size 10 and still wear a bikini. I didn't feel self-conscious or get rude looks or comments when I was a 16 or 10, so no worries. Wear what makes you comfy and enjoy.
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    Thanks to everyone for giving me the awesome advice!! I am definitely a lot more confident about the trip now!

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