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    Default Shopping Trips - Are they worth it.

    Just wondered if the shopping trips are worth going on. Where do you go, what is available in the shops etc.

    Are there any must haves that we should purchase on the trips?

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    Default Stay Home!

    A few years ago, I took a shopping trip from CSA to Negril. I could not wait to get back on the van and return to CSA. Actually, my best shopping was at duty free at MBJ on the way home. Don't waste your time. Enjoy the resort and stay home!

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    We don't go anymore, but if you have never been, I suggest you do it, just to say you did

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    Last year we went on shopping trip from CSS - Wouldn't go again - complete waste of time - Couldn't wait to get back on the bus. As previous poster said much better shopping at the airport.

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    Did the shopping trip from CN and ditto the can't wait to get back on the bus comment. If you’re staying at CN there is a craft market across the street you can go to (and leave) at your convenience. They have plenty of souvenirs to take home for everyone. Tshirts are a hit and easy to pack.

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    If you're just looking for tee-shirts and souvies, don't bother. You'll get a better price at the local duty free, best at the local grocer for coffee... but the airport duty-free has a pretty good price, too. Wait till you get to the airport to buy your rum.

    If its a fine piece of jewelry or a bottle of top shelf perfume you're looking for, then a trip to the local duty free (such as the shops at the Times Square Mall in Negril) may be more your speed.

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    Be careful of buying the t-shirts. ALL of the shirts I bought shrunk BADLY. I donated them to goodwill; they could fit a child now! I had purchased these shirts while on the shopping trip in a store on the second stop of the trip. They had a good deal & everyone was going crazy over the shirts. The shirts that we bought from the guy who comes onto the CSA property & paints with acrylics on the shirts are problems there.

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    Well that settles it then, we only have 7 nights, six days, coming from the UK so won't get there until about 9pm. I am not going to waste any of the precious time on a fruitless shopping trip.

    Will probably do Dunns River though.

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    The trip from csa made two stops for us. One was a small duty free mini mall. Every store was identical. Same prices. No great deals. None were Jamaican run either. Then into Negril another street with a few shops but more "activity" with locals around and more to buy. Felt a little uneasy there actually and same stuff as before. The shops at csa actually had the same things for a little more.

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