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    I just checked out the Spa Menu. No manicures or pedicures? What's up with that? I have about 150 files I'm bringing to gift the spa with that I will never use. I also really, really want to take advantage of our generous Spa credit. I have noted more than the $350 credit in services I would love! I think that I would benefit from a pedicure halfway through our vacation, though, so I am wondering why those two things are not on the menu. Any wisdom out there? Sun_princess

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    Not sure where your getting your info from but we went to CN May 2009, I received both... good luck!

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    They have both available in the Salon

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    They have mani's and pedi's at CTI, I would assume that all the resorts offer them.

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    I don't know what spa menu you're looking at, but the spas at Couples Resorts offer manicures and pedicures. Click on the tab for you resort above, then select "spa" from the column on the left side. This will bring up a picture of the salon brochure. Click on it. After it loads, page through it. Information on nail care can be found on the page with information regarding hair care, waxing, and makeup.
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    Where is the spa menu? I'd like to have a sneak peek at what we could use our credits on!

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    Thanks, ladies. I swear when I looked at that brochure yesterday, all the pages weren't available. They are now. Off I go...

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    Here's the link to the spa menu which is the same for each resort. They all offer manicures and pedicures. (It's under Salon around page 4)
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