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    Default Has anyone ever been..

    caught in the "buff" by housekeeping? I would think many AN guests would stay AN in the rooms also. I probably will.

    If so, what was the reaction of housekeeping? Are they used to this happening?

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    They don't generally just walk in without knocking - you'd have time to throw a robe on - otherwise kepp your latch on the door to avoid embarassment on everyone's part.

    My friend's job is to bring breakfast trays every morning, and from what she had told me, no, they don't get used to it.

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    Out of respect for the housekeeping staff.. cover up until they are gone. No need to make those who do not choose our lifestyle uncomfortable.
    I try to get out of their way anyways, while cleaning.
    Enjoy your trip!

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    Had to share this embarassing, yet funny story. In Cancun at an AI resort. Hubby had way too many shots of tequila. He was plowed- worse than I have ever seen him. He insisted on going back to the room to take a nap. As he opened the door to the room, he disrobed immediately and got into bed- WHILE HOUSEKEEPING WAS MAKING THE BED! He was so drunk and I felt so bad and I just told the maid to leave and how sorry I was. There was no use trying to tell the hubby to go in the bathroom- he gets incredibly stubborn when he drinks! She insisted on finishing making the bed with his naked butt in it! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Looking back, I laugh- but I still feel bad for her.

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