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    Default Patios or Palms Help ! CSA

    Which is the best place for lobster on Saturday night ? Please tell how it was prepared and if additional servings were available .

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    We would vote for Patois over the Palms for lobster night. We have not had it at Patois other than on the repeater's dinner night(excellent that night), but we did have it at the Palms on lobster night and it was just okay. Feathers is our first choice though. Not sure about additional helpings. At Feathers we had two large tails, but I opted for a piece of tenderloin and one large tail. Both were excellent and plenty filling.

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    We always go to The Palm for lobster on Saturday night. My husband loves it. I'm not as big of a fan. It is more on the dry side for me - I believe it is grilled. They don't serve it with melted butter - however, I suppose you could ask for some if you wanted to. Anyway, as I said, my husband loves the drier grilled way it is served. I never have a problem finding something wonderful on the menu for me. We love to start off our week at The Palm because when we first started going to Swept Away the new section hadn't been built and that was about all there was for dinner the first night. It brings back wonderful memories and we also love to sit for a table for two along the outer rim overlooing the pool/beach - the lighting is magical and we just love it. Hope this help.

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    We have had it at both and it was grilled at both locations. I believe those are the only two that grill their lobster. I've heard that Lemongrass and Feathers are both boiled lobster. I would have to give the edge to Patios.

    However, Palms and Patios both don't require reservations. Go to one and have lobster, then hop on over to the other and try theirs. Most only get lobster once a week so take advantage of your "all-inclusive" benefits.
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    Both the Palms and Patois served broiled lobster tails the last time we were there. Maybe it has changed. But you can definitely order more than one lobster tail at either restaurant.

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    Default yummy

    I've only had it at Patois Patio, but it was awesome there. I think it's grilled with garlic butter already on it? Not sure exactly, all I know is it was yummy and I would go back there for it in a sec. Enjoy. :-)

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    Thanks. Looks like the consensus is Patios even though I am like welovecsa. I like the ambiance of the Palms better.

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    We've been to CSA four times and the only meals in Patios that we've eaten were the Repeaters dinners. As far as the lobster in the Palms goes, yes it's grilled and it's only the tail. I prefer the claws so I usually eat something else.
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