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    Default October 2019

    We just booked, arriving on 10/29-11/06. Looking forward to the Halloween party. Caity & Mike

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    We will try and leave you two some sunshine and fun.
    We're back for our 5th October trip from 10/15-10/23!

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    Sorry we will miss you AandBfromMinnesota and please leave us some sunshine, we always have fun. We always meet the nicest people at Couples.

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    Once again we are thrilled to be able to post that we will be returning to Couples Negril for our 7th visit. This year we will be arriving on 10/13 and sadly leaving on 10/19. This will be our 14th visit to Jamaica. Last year we were at CN during the massive pool renovations. Looking forward to seeing the finished pool this year.

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    Only 19 days and we'll be back at CN!! Doesn't look like many people use the message board like they used to in the past, I've heard that everyone is using FB now. Anyway, here is the list so far.

    Mike@Debbie 10/13-10/19 Their 7th visit
    AandBfromMinnesota 10/15-10/23 5th trip in October
    tropical_cpl (Caity & Mike) 10/29-11/06

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