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    I am really enjoying the message board, thanks to everyone who has responded to our's another one.

    I know my cell phone won't work in the Caribbean, so we always get a phone card at the gift shop where we stay and use that to check in at you know if these are sold at the gift shop at CSA ?

    Peter and Sandra

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    Yes. We bought a JusTalk card for $9 (I think) and we had tons of minutes left over. There was a $2 charge for each call placed through the operator billed to our room, but if you need to make multiple calls, you don't need to hang up between calls.

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    I have verizon and hubby has AT&T we got married at CN in May 2009 and both of our cell phones work... Make sure you request an international plan with your provider way before you leave and then call back the next day to make sure it's on there... Mine wasn't add but when I got my bill I called Verizon and they took care of the bill for me.... Have fun!!!

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