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Thread: Tiki Huts?

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    Going to CSA for the first time end of April. Have read several reveiws that say you have to get a hut by 5:00am or they are all gone. Is this true and if so are there still plenty of seats and shade to be found? Also is the food as good as it looks in all the pictures? How is the nightly entertainment?

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    I don't even know why poeple sit under those huts, they are so low to the ground, it's claustrophobic under them and if Sunblock with 100 SPF isn't enough you, maybe laying on a beach in Jamaica isn't the best idea for your vacation.
    And yes, people do get up at the crack of dawn to reserve them- but there is plenty of shade from palm trees and there are plenty of chairs to go around.

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    i have not read post that said at 9 am you would have ample palapas avail..
    you will have no problem getting a chair or a chunk of beach but for a hut .. better get up early food at all couples may be the best of any all inclusive enjoy

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