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    Looks like we may be giving CTI a try for a few days post CSA. How is the gym there? We love the fitness facility at CSA and I do not expect the same at CTI but want to make sure the resort has an adequate workout facility.

    Question on the beach - is the water clear and pretty?


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    The gym is brand new, enclosed, air-conditioned and has all new will maintained equipment. While it is not as large as CSA's it is still fantastic!

    As far as the water at times due to inclement weather it is not always clear,but it never is really bad just not crystal clear.

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    The gym and studio at CTI are near the main pool; they are indoor facilities, and both are air conditioned. The gym has four treadmills, two elliptical machines, and four stationary bikes, two of which are recumbent. It also has weight machines and free weights.

    The studio has a mirrored wall so that you can watch your form, nice mats for yoga or Pilates, and numerous bikes for spinning class. When we were at CTI two weeks ago, there was an 8am spinning class and an afternoon yoga class (but I don't remember the time). I didn't participate in the group classes; I downloaded my favorite yoga and Pilates workouts to my iPod Touch and use a wireless headset to follow along. I always had the studio to myself.

    Neither the gym nor the studio is ever crowded, so you should have no problem getting in your workouts.
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    The gym is split into two rooms. One has fan type bikes (7 or 8), treadmills, weights, machines, the other has the spin bikes (8), mats, and step things.
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    The gym is nice the water is clear as long as there haven't been any rains. When we were there in july bunches of banana's would float by us. You'll see that the beaches in Negril are much nicer than in Ocho Rios but your in Jamaica so its all good!

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    yes, CTI gym is fine and will have what'd you'd expect...tread mills, bicycles, free weights, etc. They also offer fitness classes. You can find either photos or video of the gym on couples's website.
    And yes, CTI beach is beautiful. No worries, mon!

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    The gym is small but very nice at CTI. Check out the Panoramic of the gym to see the entire inside. Here's the link: Click on Fitness Center and wait for it to load in another window.

    And yes, the water is clear and pretty, but not nearly as big as CSA. Plus the water gets deeper quicker. You will LOVE CTI, just don't expect CTI. They are our two favorites.
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    Your question is kinda relative. Why not look at the panoramic view of the workout facility? I think it has 4 treadmills, 4 elipticals, several machines and free weights. What else would you be looking for?

    YES! The water is clear and pretty!

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