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    We will be arriving November 6th for 8 nights. Mike & Caity

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    Arriving 11/5 for 7 nights. So excited!! Itís been 4 years since our last visit.

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    Just booked a quick trip 11/8-11/12. We got married at CTI in 2006 and went again in 2011 and 2016 with friends we met there (every year our group of CTI friends expands). Our every-5-year-interval isn't again until 2021, but this morning we got the itch, so we're booked. Looking forward to meeting a new group!

    Tammy & Gregg

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    I had pretty much given up the idea of returning to CTI this Novmber. We've been going twice a year for some time and not being there this Nov. was unpleasant to deal with. Well now I don't have to. By the end of this day I hope to have a few loose ends tied up. Then I will BOOK IT. November 14-25 for 46 return home. Be still my heart.

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    With al the loose ends neatly tied up, the counting may begin again. Because we booked this trip so late we have only 68 days to melt away. Over the past twenty-five years I have written many stories about CTI. I have a page on FB called Random Thoughts and Observatons. It's a pubic page. The cover page has a picture of the island. If you like them please tell a friend.

    68 abd feeling great

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    Only 28 more days and we'll be at back at CTI, can't wait. I don't think many people use and post on this message board like they did in the past. Possibly everyone is usine FB now?? We are anxious to retun to CTI and The Island.

    tony and benita 11/5-11/12 7 nights and it's been 4 years since their last visit.
    tropical_cpl Caity & Mike 11/06-11/14
    gcbajan Tammy & Gregg 11/08-11/12 Past visits 2006 (married), 2011 & 2016
    Crabracer 11/14-11/25 Richie, we met you guys many years ago and looks like we will miss you since we are departing on your arrival day. Hopefully we will meet again in the future.

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