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    Default Live from CSS

    This was our first full day at CSS, what a unique property, we have had fun exploring all the nooks and crannies everyone has written about. We spent most of the day at Sunset Beach, the only problem so far is a lack of chairs at that beach, way more people than chairs and there is lots of room for many more, it's too bad for the people that go in the afternoon and have to leave because there aren't any chairs, maybe only around 40 chairs there.

    We booked a run of house room and figured we'd be in the lowest category room without a balcony but are in Block G, top floor with a very large balcony, what a view from way up top. We are the furthest room in the furthest building from anywhere but we love the location.

    If anyone has any questions about room blocks or anything else, ask away!

    Karen & Paul

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    Awesome! We will be there in 24 days! Yippee! So anything you can share with us would be greatly appreciated....we have a beachfront suite reserved.... can't wait to see pictures & hear about your trip! Have fun!!!!

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    Hi Karen and Paul

    Hope you are having a great vacation, we are going in November and have booked a one bedroom ocean front suite. Is that the room type you have. I am trying to decide whether to change my request from block d to block g as I do want a large balcony. I would also prefer the walk in shower with seat rather than a tub. Can I ask what you have.


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    Have a great vacation. We were there last year and also in G block. One good thing about that block of rooms is that you can probably eat and drink anything you want and not gain any weight because of all the walking and steps backa nd forth. The balconey was nice. Watch out for "crackers". He is really cute and I loved him, but he tends to like the men better than the women.

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    Default Couples sans souci

    I to have booked the run of the house room too, and iam hoping to get a balcony, i believe blocke C has no balconies, is that true , even if they don't i hope the window's are large and open up because i smoke and my husband dosen't i would hate to have to leave the room everytime to go out for a smoke, i also enjoy having my coffee out on the balcony in the morning and my evening night cap drinkI hope you two have a wonderful time at couples sans souci , keep us posted if you get a chance , we are looking forward to our trip there ! peace

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    We are (were) in a Deluxe Ocean Verandah suite but moved today to a Beachfront Suite in Block B as we didn't have any hot water but we didn't want to leave our room.

    Kazd - I think you would have a larger balcony in block G than D for a one bedroom ocean suite, other than the penthouse suites in block D the balconies look pretty small but are large in block G.

    Rosie - There are a few rooms in block C that have a balcony but they are considered penthouse suites, the lowest category Deluxe Ocean does not have a balcony in block C but does have large windows that open. There are only about 6 of these rooms so you are likely to end up with something other than block C as we did.

    We have spent most afternoons by the mineral pool, it is so relaxing and quiet, we love it there. We are headed to the beach party tonight so must go and get ready!

    Any other questions.....???

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