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    Default 69 days to go cn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! And i just cant hide it!!!!!!!! Im about to loose control, and i think i like it!!!!!!!!!!lol me & my monkey man will be @ cn(for the 1st time) in 69 days and i just cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read the message board every day, its what keeps me going here in this 14degree weather!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sweeeeet!! Just 62 more days for my wife and I, staying at CSA, first timers cant wait! Have a great time

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    I know exactly how you feel. We leave in 4 days and today we are getting 5-10" of snow. We also read the MB daily as a small way to think we are on vacation already. - Cheers

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