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    Default Couple Tower Isle boat schedule

    Does anyone know if the boat that goes to the AN island has several trips a day?

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    The boat goes when ever needed. Several times every hour or more.
    Irie Mon

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    The boat goes as often as someone is standing on the pier wanting to go over or on the island wanting to come back. It's not on a schedule but as needed. No worries, mon!
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    The boat makes as many trips as needed. There is no set schedule, just whenever people are ready to go out or come back.

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    Hi the boat goes any-time you want it to. Just pitch up on the pier and one of the guys will spot you take you across - the longest we had to wait was approx 5 minutes.

    Oh and when you want to come back stand on the dock and they'll come across.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sttimerAN View Post
    Does anyone know if the boat that goes to the AN island has several trips a day?
    Ok, heres how it works...

    go to the pier, and stand there by the little boat, they will come out and bring you to the island, or you can stop by the watersports shack and just let them know your ready to go out.

    when your ready to come back to the textile mainland, just stand on the dock with your clothes on, and they will come get you. usually, you dont need to wait more than 3-4 minutes either way...

    hope that helps...

    be there in 10 days!
    -The Captain

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    Default Boat Start/Stop Run Times?

    What are the hours of operation of the boat to Tower Isle?

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    9-5 unless there's a wedding

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