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    Default 2 weeks from today = CN paradise!

    Hi all,

    I can officially say that in two weeks we will be at CN in warm temperatures. Right now looking at all your advice in -1 temp! I have to start packing and don't want to pack too much for us! Just don't know what to pack! What do people typically wear at night in the other restaurants (Not the fancy one)? What is essential that I might forget? I think I'm getting so excited, I'm afraid that I'll forget to pack what I should!!

    Can't wait. It will be hard to concentrate on work for the next 2 weeks!

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    Default packing


    My husband and I will be going for 8 nights in April. I like to dress nice for dinner every night. I wear a nice dress and my husband will wear nice shorts and a nice button down shirt. We have to pack one pair of long pants for the fancy resturant for him and one pair of closed toe shoes for him. These are usually boat shoes, and he will wear them to Jamaica. I will wear the same clothes home that I wore there. So will the hubby.

    So nices dresses for dinner, a few shorts for him a few dress shirts for him and swim suits and a few cover ups and a few mucsle shirts for him to wear to go have lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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