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    Default 62 More Days Til CSA!!

    Just 62 more days til CSA!! Its about -5 out here now in good old upstate New York so the thought of sunshine on my face and sand under my feet instantly makes it all the more exciting. How many days for everybody else?

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    61 for us. CSA 4-1-10!!! Yippee!! Razzl

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    63 days from now, I hope to be at the CN swim up bar with a hummingbird, no maybe something a little stronger, like Crown Royal. It was -11 this morning in Central WI. So I'm looking forward to the warm weather, the beach and the sand between my toes.

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    Default I know how you feel

    I'm in the Berkshires and it is -3 here! Luckily, I can say at this time in 2 weeks!! I'll be in warm wonderful Jamaica (first time) Your 62 days will go by real fast!!!

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    Default 62 days!!!!!

    I to have 62 days til CN!!!!!! My husband and I have been counting since 262. SOOOO looking frward to the great food and lovely employees at the worlds greatest resort!!!!!
    One Love,

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    We have 63 Days till Swept Away! Looks like the resort is full when we are there too! April 4th - Please get here FASTER

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    We only have 40 more days to wait! We have been counting down since November 1st. Last year we went in April, and this year we decided to go in March. Less time to wait! Our second trip, and we are really looking forward to that beach, swimming in the ocean, listening to the ocean at night, tasty tropical drinks and delicious food. Also going to try the Catamaran cruise this year!

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    33 days for us! Can't wait.

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    68 days until CSA!!!! First timers to CSA so it will be a great experiance I'm sure. Been to CSS & CN many times though. Time for a new adventure!!!

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    As of today we are 65 days...arriving at CN on April 7th! With a temperatures between -10 to - 15 these past few days to say we're excited is an understatement! See you on the beach!

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    39 days for us - going to CSA on March 12. Can't wait!!

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    65 days for us till we get to experience CSA for the first time. We are really excited for this vacation.

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    49 days until we leave cold England and return to our favourite country for our honeymoon

    First time to CSA and I so cannot wait

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    Around 240 It was hard to count up that high. Everyone have a blast. CSA ROCKS!

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    67 days for us, 2nd time around at CSA it's about 26 here in WI but it was in the neg's last week.

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    33 more days for us until we will be in CSA!!!! WOO HOOO!

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    68 days for us. Cannot wait to finally relax and enjoy!

    When I walk down the path at the airport to customs and look at the great white light beyond the customs agent, I know a sense of relief will overcome me. HAHA

    CSA, cant wait to see you again!

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    We're Red Sox fans from NH and in 18 days we'll be on the beach at CSA.

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    53 days for us! Arriving for our first trip to CSA, or any Couples for that matter, on 3/28!!!

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    Go Red Sox!! This is our Year!!

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    52 days till paradise CSA..also our first trip..

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