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    So my wife and I are booked for a trip to CTI in August we have been 4 times. Every-time we throw around the Idea of a split stay at CSS so we can check out Sunset Beach and ultimately just keep the original plan and stay at CTI. Anyway, are the steps at CSS that bad? I have read in the past its not stop up and down where ever you. My wife has condition where over exerting herself in the heat can cause muscle weakness. We are mid 30s in reasonable shape so normally its not a problem but I could see this being a challenge.

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    While CSS does have stairs...they don't typically cause a problem, for the average person, having to use them. There are stairs that lead up from the main beach level to the D-Block building and also ones that lead from the area of the Wedding Gazebo/Workout Pavilion/Spa to D-Block (the other way to get to that building). There are also stairs that lead from the C-Block building, past D & E-Block (on the inland side) to the area of the Balloon Bar. This means that those in A or B Block rooms would not do that much stair climbing...unless going towards the upper end of the resort, F & G-Block, which is where the Lobby, Balloon Bar (evening entertainment) and Casanova restaurant are located. If stair climbing were a health issue, we've known of guests that have simply called the front desk when needing to ascend the resort and transportation was sent to get them there.
    We have stayed at CSS many times and known people that have chosen a Beachfront Suite in Block A or B so that they did not have to climb the stairs as often and were near Sunset Beach. We've found that, during the day, we spend the majority of our time around the beach level (from the Palazzina restaurant (breakfast and lunch) to Sunset Beach...and everything in-between). We prefer the view from G-Block so will usually go for a room there and return later in the day to prepare for dinner and haven't encountered issues with the stairs. We are in our mid-50's and in good shape. There is also an elevator that runs from just behind G-Block to the level of the Mineral Pool/Workout Pavilion/Spa.
    Since you are already booked for CTI and a 4-time visitor to Couples, I would guess that you are a Romance Rewards member. As such, you can do the Trading Places from CTI to CSS during your stay. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to stay at the resort you are familiar with (CTI) and check out CSS for a day so that, if you like it, you might consider a split stay on your next visit. We have done this to "explore" the next Couples resort we thought we'd like to visit and have stayed at all four.
    Hopefully this helps with getting a better feel for the stairs and how they may affect your visit to CSS. Enjoy your visit in August!!

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    What's the phrase? No worries? We were at CSS last October and are returning this May. If you stay at the top of the resort it's a pretty good climb from the beach, but most rooms are near the beach. Take it slow, explore, there are many paths to follow up and down. Get a massage. I think you can even get a ride? Or just pass the time on Sunset Beach!

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    The easiest way to find out is to do a Trading Places day at CSS when you are staying at CTI. Its available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm. To be honest we don't find the steps a problem at all (and we are in our 70s). Its not as if its just one long flight from the bottom of the resort to the top, but lots of shorter or longer flights, spread around the beautiful gardens.

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    My wife has MS so exerting herself in heat is not a great idea as well. If you do go through with a split stay, book the Beachfront rooms in A & B blocks. They're on the same level with most of the facilities and Sunset Beach. If you want to stay in the upper room blocks, the resort offers shuttle service to all parts.

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    I suggest using the Trading Places program during your next trip. Start by registering with the Romance Rewards program on the Couples main website if you haven't done this already.

    After you arrive at CTI stop by Guest Services and make your reservation for Trading Places. Available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10AM and 4PM.

    You can spend a day at CSS and see for yourself. We tried this during our last trip to CSA. After spending a day at CN we returned to CN for our next trip.

    For more information check the main Couples website FAQ page, towards the bottom of the page.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    You can book a beach front room in buildings A or B and you won't have to do any stairs for the beaches, the pools, hot tubs, nightly entertainment and all the restaurants but one. They also provide a shuttle so you don't have to do any stairs at all. My wife had both knees replaced so stairs can be an issue for her and we had no problem at all. While we where at CSS we did the day trade for CTI and really enjoyed the island. We have a trip booked in August with a split stay between CTI and CN. Give CSS a try, you'll love SSB.

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    We counted 45 steps from the beach to our room up by the lobby. Try staying in the beach front rooms. They are at beach level.

    Life is good

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    There a lot of steps to the upper level. If it is sunset beach that you are interested in, just stay in the beachfront suites. My wife has very low vision and muscle weakness (50 yrs old). Our first visit to CSS we stayed up top (trip 5 coming up). Although the views and balconies are amazing, we did not like walking down for the beach. I dive, so it was an early walk. Now we stay in the beachfront suites. We will go up the hill to mineral pool a few times. We book Casanova at least twice for dinner. On those nights we stop half way at the martini bar, for a much needed rest. We then stay for entertainment at the balloon bar, then go to lobby and catch a van ride down the hill because it is to dark for my wife to negotiate (at that point I am not a good guide, so i have been told). Also, during the day you can always go to water sports and they will call for the van to come get you. My wife does that to get to the spa while I am out diving. As you know, the Couples staff will hook you up. No worries!!

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    We have been to both and there are rooms that are on the beach level, having said that we did not think it was that bad. Look at it this way, you get a little cardio in everyday just going to eat and tan. Take your time and go and enjoy.

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    There are a lot of stairs so she may not enjoy it, although you can request rides and there is an elevator(which only worked one day during out stay). I am not really fit but I could manage the stairs, but I tried to arrange my day so that I didn't have to tackle them too often!

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    The stairs can get old if you stay in the top rooms. If you stay in Building A or B, The only time you do stairs is if you go up to the lobby or the Fancy Restaurant.

    I would recommend staying at CTI and signing up for Romance Rewards and do the Trading Places. You will be shuttled over to CSS at 10am and Brought back to CTI at 4pm. This way you can check out Sunset Beach and explore the Grounds and see first hand if the stairs are to much for you. Then you know for future bookings if you would like to stay there longer.

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    It's probably really up to you how you spend your time at CSS whether stairs are a challenge or not. You mentioned checking out Sunset Beach- if your plan when wanting to be beach days and you are planning on staying at CSS, then I would consider a beachfront room category which are the closest blocks to Sunset beach and don't involve any stairs at all unless you are in a room on the 2nd or 3rd level. -(Block A to be specific is closest to Sunset beach). If you did this, the only time you would need to use the stairs, would be going to Casanova, Mineral pool/Juice Bar and Gym & Spa Areas and of course the Lobby Area. Also, if stairs become a daunting task you can ALWAYS call for a ride either from lower level of property to upper level of property and vice versa.

    We kind of had the same sentiments with CSA as you do with CTI where we always stayed at CSA while considered staying at other Couple Resorts and ended up just staying at CSA for most of our return stays back to Couples until we did finally stay at CSS and now the "Mrs" requires split stays with CSA and CSS on all our returns. I know there are a lot of comments about the many stairs at CSS but I believe that is what makes CSS one of our favorite Couples resort-not saying we like stairs but the areas and property that all the stairs lead to and from is what in my opinion sets CSS apart from all the other Couple properties because it is so unique.

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    If your primary interest at the CSS resort is SSB then you will want to stay in Blocks A or B. These blocks are at sea level and basically the same level as the 2 of the 3 restaurants at the resort (Palazzina & Beach Bar/Bella Vista). From these blocks it is a short walk to SSB. Casanova restaurant is on top of the hill so it can be a strenuous walk with lots of stairs or hills. However, the resort offers rides up and down the hill. All you need to do is call the front desk and schedule the shuttle. The most difficult location to get to on the resort is the Mineral Pool and Spa area. There are no roads to it. However, from the A/B Blocks you would just take the shuttle to the top of the hill, walk a short distance to the elevator and that would put you on the same level as the mineral pool/spa and a very short walk to both. Also, if you need a ride from SSB to your rooms then you can call the shuttle for that also. The nice thing is that CTI and CSS are so close together that if you wanted to do a very short stay at CSS just to get the experience you could. The transfer time is minimal. Also, since you are a repeater you could do a trading places day from CTI to CSS if you do not want to fully commit.

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    if you're at SSB and you have difficulty, you can call cust service and they'll send a cart to take you back to your room. You can stay in A or B block, eat at the Pallazina, SSB grill or the beach grill and rarely encounter stairs.

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    If you stay in a beachfront room at CSS then the steps will not be that much of a problem because most everything except the office, 1 restaurant and the balloon bar is on the same level as the beachfront suites.

    If you are staying in one of the upper rooms then it can be a problem if you have any issues with your legs or feet. Also, in the summer it is quite humid and that would make it worse. We like to use our own bathroom during beach or pool time and walking up/down those steps would be killer. They will come down and get you if you call the front office but sometimes that takes a while.

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    We were there a year ago. While there are a lot of stairs, there are also many landings and other places to stop and rest on a bench etc. Also, the main beach, Sunset beach, the main pool and buffet are all on the same level. We did not find it an issue (and we're in our 50's &#128513

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    We are both 70 and the stairs are not a problem at all. We are not overweight and do not have infirmities. The only problem for the older person is descending because all the steps are not the same size and you must be careful.

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    The stairs for most of the resort aren't bad, but I'm not going to lie. If you have bad knees and/or legs, avoid getting a penthouse. I'm in good shape, but after a day of drinking, eating, and just exploring the grounds, walking up those steps was brutal a few nights. They are narrow AND steep, but so worth it to wake up to that view every morning for breakfast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mctighth View Post
    So my wife and I are booked for a trip to CTI in August we have been 4 times. Every-time we throw around the Idea of a split stay at CSS so we can check out Sunset Beach and ultimately just keep the original plan and stay at CTI. Anyway, are the steps at CSS that bad? I have read in the past its not stop up and down where ever you. My wife has condition where over exerting herself in the heat can cause muscle weakness. We are mid 30s in reasonable shape so normally its not a problem but I could see this being a challenge.
    Loved CSS and SSB. Stayed in D01 which was few steps up to lobby, balloon bar and terrace and few pathways and steps down to Mineral pool, hidden jacuzzi, veggie bar, gym, and spa. Elevator is by spa if working however we used the little back road to walk past the pond ( see the turtles) straight down to SSB and stayed there most of day. SSB has great restrooms and showers to rinse off before putting clothes on to go get ready for dinner (or lunch if you donít love the jerk chicken, hamburgers, and other options at the SSB grill). Only steep section of road was right before our D block room. Oh, and shower was huge in room with large windows (had blinds but never closed them). It was like showering in a tropical hillside of beauty. I feel we would have missed so much if we had stayed at beach level. I still want to try Couples Negril because the beach and water in that Bay Area is beautiful, but Iím glad our first Couples visit was CSS. Enjoy wherever you go !

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    If you are old and out of shape like me lol, it's a little tough but like others said you can call them for a golf cart pickup 😁🙄

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