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    My husband and I have been to CSA twice and CN once. We are going to Jamaica once again in March. We had decided to try CTI and the Ocho side since we were only going for 4 night this time, also the CN garden rooms were sold out and CTI was less expensive....Anyway....When the SR came up we decided to give that a try. To ME the worst case would be getting a Garden Room at CSA - no TV or mini-bar or it sounds like "C" block at CSS is not most people's favorite! But if that is the worst case to "ME" then it's still wonderful.

    Anyone have opinions on these rooms or done the SR. What room did you get?

    The hilarious thing is that I had a dream last night and here's what we got for our SR! I don't know where I was suppose to be, but we were shown to our room and it was a really large room. A couple of bedrooms - no doors on them - and a couple of twin beds in the living area. We were thrilled with the large room, but then they kept bringing more people to stay in the room with us!!! We went to bed early and the other people were really loud and we couldn't sleep. We had no privacy, so my husband and I went on the roof to.....and then we noticed all of these windows and the people could see us. It was a really long dream. I told my husband about it this morning!!! He said that maybe "run of house" means we have the run of the place, but we have to sleep in the lobby!!!

    Of course, I know there is NO room at any Couples that allows about 10 people in one room! And I know I am not going to have to sleep in the was just funny!!!

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    Funny dream! Don't worry any room @ any Couples resorts will be great. Remember you are at a Couples resort and in Jamaica on vacation

    Just note the rooms in C block @ CSS are great large suites with fantastic views. The only thing people don't like about them is that they do not have a balcony, but they do have large picture windows

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    We LOVE the garden rooms at CSA!!! That is the only room we would book there. Anyway, we did SR in Feb of 2007 and got CSS. They put us in a beachfront suite in building A, ground floor. We loved it. We liked being close to the beach and the restaurant that serves breakfast. I'm convinced that there aren't any bad rooms at any of the resorts. We will definitely consider doing the SR again in the future. The anticipation of not knowing was fun too!

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