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    Default Calling all Marylanders

    Anyone from Maryland going to CN in Dec. We will be leaving BWI on 12/12 for a wonderful week. Hope to be able to meet someone from MD.

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    ok - we have no Marylanders that go to CN????

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    Default Calling all Marylanders

    Happytimes, we are just missing you by a month, will be at CTI in Nov. We started out to go to CN again but thought we would try CTI this time. Maybe we will meet up on the next trip. Where in MD?

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    Harford County, Edgewood to be exact. We are about 30 miles NE of Baltimore. Where are you from? It would be nice to get some CN couples from Maryland to meet somewhere around here. There are a good number of placed in Balto City. Sorry we won't be seeing you, but have a wonderful vacation

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    Hello Happytimes42 from Edgewood this is Mike from Cordova, MD.(Talbot County about 5 miles north of Easton) We are going to CN in February. I wish that we were going the same time you are, because I'm not sure I can wait until Feb. Hope you have a great time!

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    Jamie & Penny from Frederick going to CTI 2-2 till 2-9.

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    Hi Marylanders !!! Bob & Sharon from westminster. Sorry we will miss all of you !! Will be doing a split stay, CTI/CN Feb 11-22.
    Hope everyone has a fabulous vac.

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    Default Calling all Marylanders

    Hi Happytimes42

    Its been awhile since I read this message but we are from Bel Air. We just returned from CTI a week ago and had a great time. We are ready to return but will probably go back to CN the next time. Hope you have a wonderful vacation also in Dec.

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