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    Default Getting to MB late..risk of not having our room?

    We are getting in to Montego Bay at 8:47 pm. After going through customs and such, and then the bus ride to the resort, we will not arrive until at least 11-11:30 pm.
    I am worried we will not HAVE our room by the time we arrive.
    This is our 1st trip to CTI, and actually our honeymoon after being married for 18 years. My husband is going to be on R&R from Iraq. What are the chances of us losing our dream vacation because we got in late? We are flying in from Michigan, so we will be spending most of the day not only flying, but in airports.
    We have spent the better part of 4 months deciding on not only where to go, but the resort to go to. If we don't have the room we booked and paid advance..
    Just a bit worried after reading about people not having a room when they arrived.
    Sue E

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    Maybe it would help to sign up for Romance Rewards. Then you can preregister for your room. Just a thought. Or is it possible to contact the resort the day before to explain the situation? Gee...I think you deserve the best, having your husband away serving in the military. My husband was in the 1st Gulf War and when he got back, we treated ourselves to a cruise to reconnect. Enjoy your time together! I'm sure it will work out fine. Couples has such a good reputation for customer service.

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    No worries, you will have a room. Couples does not bump or overbook people unless the resort was closed for a remodel
    Irie Mon

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    You shouldn't worry about it; we've stayed at all four Couples Resorts for a total of 16 trips and have NEVER arrived and been denied a room. There have been a couple of occasions when we arrived around 11 a.m., and a room wasn't yet available, but we were in our room before 1 p.m.

    Below is the text from a post by Randymon on this subject:

    Greetings to all:

    We never overbook our resorts intentionally. In fact,we work diligently to avoid any overbooking problems at any of our resorts. On a very rare occasion - as Melody has inferred - communications from some of our tour operator partners may lag by 24-48 hours. In a peak booking/travel period that delay could mean the difference between a resort at 95% occupancy to suddenly at 105%.

    In these rare instances, we recognize the disappointment and inconvenience associated with moving affected guests to another resort. Compensation is commensurate with the relocation. Sometimes as also stated above, we are able to get enough in-house guests to "volunteer" to move in exchange for free night(s) on a return trip. When not enough guests volunteer or other circumstances dictate we make every effort to advise you prior to arrival.
    Randy Russell
    Chief Romance Officer and Senior Vice President
    Couples Resorts
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    Jumpinfun2, Send an email to couples ( ) giving them your flight #, arrival time and tell them your concerns. We have been going to CTI for nine years and never had a problem like you described. I'm sure, especially given this is your honeymoon and that your husband is on R & r they will do whatever thay can to make this vacation a most memorable on.They are the BEST.
    Having said all that, thank you to your husband (and to you) for the service and the sacrifice you are both giving to your country. My son is career Army (as is his wife) and he is in Afghanistan (2nd deployment)so I know how difficult it is for the family as well as the soldier. God bless you both and keep your husband safe.

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    Default An idea

    I completely understand your concerns as I have some as well (travelling this week!). I don't know if this helps or not, but one thing that I did was sign up for the Romance Rewards program (on the couples website). If you are a member, you can then "pre-check-in" on-line. It's still not quite check-in but will hopefully show them that you are serious and do plan to come...


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    Quote Originally Posted by cabushka View Post
    Maybe it would help to sign up for Romance Rewards. Then you can preregister for your room.
    Could you expand on this a bit? I mean, we signed up for RR, but how does that help with pre-registering our room? I take it you don't mean it helps us with a specific room location, as I've read a couple hundred times in here that Couples does not reserve such. So I'm a bit confused as to what this indicates. If there's an advantage to having signed up, then cool, just what is it?

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    We preregistered online two years in a row, but when we arrived at the resort the only information anyone seemed to have about us was what I had emailed them at [email] addition to preregistering on line, I always email a confirming letter with flight info, arrival time and my RR#. It's always good to cover all bases. I'm just sayin".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron & Rosa 25 View Post
    . . . .we signed up for RR, but how does that help with pre-registering our room? . . . .
    It doesn't; rooms aren't assigned until arrival. It does, however, provide the resort with information so that the staff can prepare gifts for returning guests. We always preregister, and although we've been to all four of the Couples resorts in the last 18 months, CSA was on the only that that had a gift bag ready for us when we arrived that contained t-shirts, spa gift certificate, gift shop gift certificate, and invitation to the returning guest dinner. At the other three resorts, we received our perks on the second day.
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    Last trip to CTI, we didn't arrive until after midnight. Our room was ready and waiting for us. No Problem, mon.

    Have a great trip!


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    I think maybe I am kind of confused by this offense to anyone intended. But if you book the room, you have paid the full price 90 days ahead of time...why do you have to do anything else to "make sure" you still have a room? It seems like you just need to make sure Couples is aware that you are arriving on a late flight on the day you are scheduled to arrive....that is it. The room is paid for and they should have designated a room for you earlier in the day and as long as they know you are coming, it should be there for you no matter what time you arrive...or am I missing something?

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    Where are you flying in from? We are going to couples in april and we just booked our flight from detroit and there were still several nonstop flights. Maybe check another day before or after you want to go and see if you can book a better flight. Just a thought!

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    Our plane was 1 1/2 hours late leaving St. Louis which made us even more late to the resort...arriving about 11:30 pm/12:00 am. The Staff was there to great us with smiles, drinks and cool clothes. The front desk promptly did all the paperwork and we were taken to our room. I was also worried about the late arrival, but I worried for nothing.

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    I agree with cleversole... why WOULDN'T your room be there?? You've booked it, paid for it ... regardless of when you show up it is there for you. I'm not getting why it's even a concern when you actually arrive.

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    Default Thanks!!

    First I would like to thank everyone for the advice and input.
    We are so looking forward to meeting new friends!
    That said, I have followed the advice of several people and not only joined the RR part of this site, but am going to email the resort a few days in advance to make sure all is right in our little vacation world.
    Going to be there from 02-25-10 to 03-04-10.
    Mark & Sue
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