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    Default Photographer---how many hours necessary?

    I am getting ready to book a professional photographer. They have a 3 hour, 5 hour and 8 hour package. The 8 hour can be split over 2 days.

    Any brides who have booked an outside photographer, please let me know what you advise (3, 5 or 8 hours). Is 3 too little, is 8 too much?

    Can you only go off property with an 8 hour session?


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    Default Wedding Photographer

    Hello and hope all is going well. I recommend 3-5 hours if you are not having a big reception. Start about 90 minutes prior to ceremony. 7-8 hhours is good for longer weddings with a reception and dancing. We used Frank Panaro from Miami and paid the fee with CSA. It was well worth it by far as he did a great job. You truly get what you pay for in this world and wedding photographs are no different. Out of all photographers available we felt great with Frank and we spent about $3000.00 US dollars but it was worth every dime. Frank is also making us a beautiuful album as their are so many excellent photos.He did a spectacular job and is highly recommended by many.
    I did not want to take a chance with my wedding day memories, so this is why we hired an experienced bridal photojournalist.
    Go to and look at all the Jamaica weddings and you decide if he is for you. Frank is the best available for the job. You only get married one time, so hire the best, because the photographer creates all memories you will have thru vision and creativity. Always follow what your heart tells you in regard to your decision, and you will be happy.
    You may e-mail me if needed for more information.

    Best of luck always !!!!


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