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    Default Beachfront suite vs Atrium

    By the looks of the rooms on the website. The Beachfront suite looks just like the Atrium room with all the windows. The only difference I can see between them is the Atrium has a hammock on the verandah, the beachfront suite has a lounge chair of sorts, and the beachfront verandah has a fridge and is closer to the beach (as well as being more expensive). Are those the only difference between the two rooms. I love the Atrium room, but would love to be closer to the beach, as well as have a fridge in the room. Thanks for the help, still haven't decided on room category.

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    The 2 are very similar, but not the same. The Beachfront suite is larger inside and has an extra large verandah, much larger then the atrium suites. You can hear the ocean as you sleep and have the ocean view in the Beachfront suite . I know each beachfront room is a little different. The one I saw had a shower and a tub, the atrium suite we stayed in only had a shower. The pictures of the beachfront suites on the Couples website are not very good, it does not show it very well, and it makes the size look the same as the Atrium rooms. The website negrilonestop has pictures of the Beachfront Suites that show better pictures of this room. I stay in the Atrium rooms, but I always look at he beachfront suites in awe as I walk along the beach.

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    I LOVE the atrium room. They do look and feel the same aside from what you mentioned. We were so disappointed that the atrium sold out the day before I booked our honeymoon! We are going to stay in a beachfront instead this time. I liked that the atrium was so private and I loved the hammock. I can sit in a chair anywhere. Some people bring a soft sided cooler as a carry-on to use in their room since there is no fridge. You could probably bring a smaller normal cooler too. I think we will do that next time. I think the best option is stay in the atrium and use the money you saved to stay longer! Given the choice I would probably do that but we will see what I think after staying in a beachfront.

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