To the powers that be... We are getting concerned with comments on various web sites an reviews about the lack of beach chairs available at CSA. Most of these comments are to the fact of if you don't save a chair before 8:00 am you wont get one. We have come across this issue on other holidays and have never returned to these resorts. This seems like a basic requirement of a resort that it has more than enough chairs for the guest rooms it has on the property.
We stayed at a high end resort in the Cancun area which had this issue and don't wish to repeat it. If we wanted a chair for the day I had to get up with the sun.. take towels down and place them on chairs. People were seen taking floating rafts to their rooms to ensure they had them the next day and and there were daily disputes between guests over chairs,
I hope this is not the case at CSA as we have not had a problem at any other Couples resorts. We have been 6 other times to CSS and CN.
Looking forward to April
Ron & Tracey