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    Default Non smoking rooms

    Does anyone know if you can request non smoking rooms, we have booked a one bed oceanfront suite at CSS.

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    Jamaica does not have non smoking rooms. The room are all tile, not carpet, so the smell does stick to the room.
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    There are no non smoking rooms @ CSS

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    There's no such thing as a non-smoking room at Couples. We're non-smokers and in 16 trips to the various Couples Resorts have never had a room that smelled of cigarettes.
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    To the best of my knowledge, Couples does not have "non smoking" rooms. The thing about the resort rooms is that they do no have carpeting to hold in odors and the draperies are fairly light also. It is usually all the upholstery that holds in odors such as cigarette smoke. I would suggest that if you get to your room and it smells, to let the front desk know so they can assist you. I have never had any problems while at CTI and we have been in 3 rooms.

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    No worries. Although, none of the rooms at any of the resorts are deemed "non-smoking," there is NEVER a problem with residual smoke. The ocean breeze cleanses the air and the housekeeping staff uses "Febreze" on the fabrics if the previous guests were smokers. I am very sensitive to smoke, and in 4 trips, have never had a bad smelling room. Now, transient smoke from other balconies is a different story!

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    Default Transient smoke a problem

    Hi rae Dave,

    While I don't have a problem in the room, the balcony or patio can be awful.

    Every time we tried to have breakfast on our patio at CN in December, the guy next door would light up. The ocean breeze would just wrap the smoke around the separator and it would hang there. We had to move the chairs and table inside. We finally gave up after a few days. Too bad some people think as long as they don't smoke inside, it's not affecting anyone.


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    Do they change the top bedcovers with each new change of guest or is it just the sheets and blankets/duvets.

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