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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue and Randy View Post
    274 and counting down. now if at&t brings forth a decent contract offer a special October trip could happen.

    That would be very cool!!

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    Hi TEAM,

    Just a reminder:

    What Team CSA is about??

    In 2005 Dorothy and I celebrated our 25th anniversary by going to CSA. It was our first time in Jamaica. We, as many couples do, absolutely fell in love with CSA. On the plane home we talked about making it a yearly event. We had a wonderful time but for the most part we stayed by ourselves, which is what we wanted at that time. After we booked our trip for 2006 we decided that it might be fun to meet some couples on the message board before we went down so we started Team CSA. Many couples responded. Then when we arrived at CSA, some of the couples that were responding on the message board met in the sports bar. We met many couples that we responded to the months and weeks previous to the trip.

    Team CSA is about meeting couples and becoming friends. We still have our alone time but when it is time for dinner there was always someone there to sit with and share a meal, someone to talk to while having a drink at the swim up bar, someone to share experiences with, to laugh with. And believe me, we laughed a lot. In no way is Team CSA about being loud, rude, or drunk.

    After our 2006 trip, Dorothy and I decided we needed to do something special for TEAM CSA 2007. We decided that TEAM CSA needed a logo and Dorothy made up some TEAM CSA shirts. She is a professional seamstress. She designed the logo and embroidered the shirts. We sold them to anyone who was interested in them. We donated all the profits ($700.00) to the ISSA fund on behalf of TEAM CSA to benefit the children of Jamaica.

    In 2008, we met many new friends. We also reunited with some of the friends we met in 2007 and 2006. Dorothy made a new logo. We again made shirts. We also added hats in 2008. We again sold them to anyone who was interested in buying them and were going to be at CSA anytime in the month of April 2008. We were able to donate $900.00 to the ISSA fund in 2008. This is something we are very proud of and hope to do it again in 2009. Dorothy and I want to again thank all who donated to this wonderful charity the last 2 years.

    TEAM CSA 2009/2010

    TEAM CSA 2009

    My thoughts:

    Dorothy and I were so busy prior to our trip that time together basically did not exist. Dorothy was repairing dresses and other outfits for the high school show choir that Olivia is involved in. She also chaperoned a band trip to Florida with Olivia in late March and we won’t even mention sewing bags and shirts for TEAM CSA. I was so stressed out (and continue to be) at work, due to the lack of work, that I wasn’t much help to her. But when that time came to load the van and head to Chicago/Couples all that stress melted away.

    This trip, our 5th, was by far the best ever. It is absolutely amazing what being alone with the one you love, holding hands while walking the beach, seeing friends and making new friends, laughing, can do for a persons health and well being. I am a very lucky man to have Dorothy in my life and very fortunate to be able to take her to Swept Away.

    On a number of occasions during our 9 days at Swept Away, I found myself explaining to folks what TEAM CSA was all about. All of them though it was such a great idea that many of us get together every year to reunite our friendships and do a little something for those beautiful children of Jamaica through the ISSA fund. I gave out TEAM CSA hats and bags to some on promises that they would donate. At this time, I am aware of only 1 couple coming thru with their promise. Thank you so much Joe and Sue. I am a little disappointed with the others but am very proud to say that our 2009 total at this point is now $1,200.00 with our 3 year total now at $2,800.00. If that doesn’t give all of you who donated a warm fuzzy, I don’t know what will. Remember, it is never too late to get on the Couples web site and donate to the ISSA Fund.

    Now on to TEAM CSA 2010.

    I know April 2010 is 11 months away but I also know it will be difficult for Dorothy and me to make this trip. We are working on a budget to do so but with our 2 kids in college in 2010 and the increasing possibility that my company may not survive the economic mess this country is in a 2010 trip may not be possible. Time will tell. I will however make this promise. Even if Dorothy and I are unable to go to CSA in 2010, we will do something for TEAM CSA and the children of Jamaica. Because no matter what our situation is, we are still better off then the children of Jamaica. I am setting a goal that the ISSA donation of 2010 is in excess of this year’s donation. Dorothy and I will do our part to make this happen but I am asking for help to make this goal a reality. I know that there are many talented people out there. I am asking for others to come up with ideas that can generate money for TEAM CSA 2010. An example being, there has to be some ladies out there that make jewelry. How about a TEAM CSA necklace or bracelet we could sell for a donation? Everyone loves hats. Is there anyone out there that can embroider hats? We did hats in 2008 but it was costly to us because we had to out source them. If someone could donate the labor we would be able to offer hats again in 2010. These are just 2 ideas. I am sure there are many of you with other talents and abilities that the TEAM and ISSA could benefit from. Post your thoughts and ideas in the coming weeks/months and let’s make TEAM CSA 2010 the best yet.

    Thanks for everything.

    Tom and Dorothy

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    Hello.. How and where, or to whom, do we send our donations? Thanks..

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    Dorothy and I (with the help of Mike this year) will come up with a 2010 logo. We will take orders for whatever we decide to do ( shirts, bags, hats, etc. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR NEW IDEAS FOLKS). This all starts around the January time frame. You can go on the old message board and look around TEAM CSA 2009 Join the fun thread in the meet up section to see what we did last year. Remember, you can donate any time you wish to the ISSA Fund. That is where the money goes.


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    Thanks so much!!!

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    It's official....we're booked!

    April 15th-23rd 2010 third trip to CSA

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeandmelissa View Post
    It's official....we're booked!

    April 15th-23rd 2010 third trip to CSA

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    Attachment 897
    Brent and Melissa Goodnoe 253 days to csa

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    Now that our good friends Mike and Melissa have booked, it is time for an update.

    Brent and Melissa, great photo. Where do you live?

    Welcome back from 2007, Chad and Carina.

    TEAM CSA 2010 that are already booked:

    Joe & Sue……….....Fishin011……........Mi…….. ..4/5 - 4/17......3rd trip.
    Brian & Leslie……....Brianleslie…….....Md…......4/6 - 4/16......5th trip.
    Paul & Chris……….…..Pfb………...….Mi…..…4/7 - 4/17…..6th trip.
    Rick & Chris……….Maineiacs……..….Ma…….4/9 - 4/17…..3rd trip.
    Ricky & Karen……...Fawnridge............Fl..........4/9 - 4/18.........7th trip.
    Jim & Janine……...Schdyny……….….Ny........4/10 - 4/17…...2nd trip.
    Brent & Melissa…...Goodygirl…..…..????.......4/11 - 4/19……1st trip.
    Chad & Carina…...chrdina……….....Mo…..4/12 - 4/19…....2nd trip?
    Len & Tracy……..Readyfornegril……....Il….….4/15 -4/22.…...3rd trip.
    Tom & Pam….....TomandPam………..NC…...4/15 -4/23….…3rd trip.
    Mike & Melissa.…mikeand melissa…...NY…...4/15 - 4/23…....3rd trip.
    Randy & Sue…....Sue_and_randy…..…..Il……4/18 - 4/26…....6th trip.
    Neil & Jennifer…...Isagenixfreak………Ca…..4/18 - 5/4......1st trip.

    As always, correct my boo boo's.

    Our trip is still up in the air and will be for a while yet but I am still..............

    Counting the days.

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    Attachment 905
    Brent and Melissa Goodnoe
    csa april 2009
    First trip

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    Brent and Melissa,

    I will have to think about this for a while. We already have 2 completely crazy couples from Mi. on this list. .

    Welcome and I hope Dorothy and I will be able to meet you guys next April.


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    Attachment 929
    I am trying to figure out the picture thing. Brent and Melissa Goodnoe from Michigan going to CSA first trip.

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    Hi Everyone on Team CSA,
    Looking for some info from you all. What is the weather like there in April? We went for the first time to CSA in June this year. Just need to get back there, we need our fix lol, fell in love with the place. We have been looking at various dates but most have fallen through for one reason or another. We are now looking at 13th April 2010 flying from UK. So who better to ask about the weather and how full the place gets than Team CSA. I hope Jan and I get to meet you all in April thats if you dont mind us joining in? Looking to book this week so I will keep you up to date on that.

    Lyn (ETF)

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    Hi Lyn,

    The weather is great. I'm guessing a degree or 2 cooler and a bit less rain than in June. We never have trouble booking for April and even if it fills up, you would never know it. There is plenty of room besides a lot of great couples go in April. .


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    okay, I have tried to post this three times. Well see if it works this time. Brent and Melissa Goodnoe from Mi, going to csa first time in april. Attachment 966

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodygirl View Post
    okay, I have tried to post this three times. Well see if it works this time. Brent and Melissa Goodnoe from Mi, going to csa first time in april. Attachment 966
    It showed up for me all 3 times!! good pic!!

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    Default A BIG Thanks to Tom & Dorothy...

    I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Tom & Dorothy. When we first booked in 2007 and found this thread, we thought from the beginning that this was a special group of caring, fun people to meet. Reading Tom's last entry just solidifies that in my mind. You make our stay even more special by creating new friendships (team CSA) even before we leave the states, and making our trips about more than just ourselves (donating to ISSA fund). I wish I could profess to having some talent (I would be kidding myself), but I would gladly do whatever I could to help out. I have some great contacts for outsourcing any items that we would like to do-and at a great price. Please let me know if I can help in any way at all, and thank you for inviting us to be a part of this!


    P.S.-ideas-what about a beach bag, or his/her shorts?

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    Thanks for the nice words. We did do a beach bag last year and will probably do it again for 2010.
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    Hey Tom!!!

    You know I'm still trying to figure out why everyone Is so nice to you. You know it's all your lovely wife that really is perfect!!! So when everyone is singing your praises look at her and get on your knee and thank her for putting up with you all these years!!!

    Your Friend


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    You are so correct. Without Dorothy, there would be no tomdorothy, no TEAM CSA. She is the heart and soul of our success. A real sweetie.
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    OK Tom & Dorothy time to Update the list again sorry lol.
    Lyn & Jan - ETF - UK - 20th of April to 4th May - 2nd trip.
    I see that we will miss out on meeting many of you but will get to meet a few of you.
    It took a while to book as sorting dates was a pain. Also the price was a factor but now its booked I am over the moon. I guess I now have the Couples Bug. After our holiday there in June this year I cant see us going anywhere else. As a result we are heading home in April WWWWooooohhhhhhooooooo. Hope we can join in and become apart of Team CSA.

    See you at the Bar,

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    Default 243 days and counting...

    Oops, sorry about the beach bag idea, I didn't know you did that last year!
    Three years is a long time to wait to come back to CSA-243 days and counting, cannot wait!
    We are bringing along my mother & father-in-law, my brother & sister-in-law and my parents will be in port that day on a cruise to come in for the ceremony. I hope it will be a very special time-even though I had to settle for 1 p.m. on April 14th. Still trying to figure out what to do about photographs...

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