Okay, so I am ready to book our third trip to CSA in December. The first year was our honeymoon, and we chose a beachfront veranda room, I think. It was on the second floor, and had a nice ocean view and balcony. But we kept looking at the huge verandas on the rooms that we past by while walking around. So, this past year I booked an Atrium suite. I really liked the patio, and being able to just walk out of the room from the veranda. The first room we got was not in great shape, and was very close to the road, and we would up switching the next night to a different Atrium room, which was a little closer to the beach. But here's my question...I'm totally in love with the beachfront suites with those Huge wrap-around verandas! But they are alot more expensive than the Atrium suites, and for the price difference, we could stay in a Atrium for two extra nights! So now I'm driving myself crazy going back and forth between the two. HELP, please!