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    I was just looking at the activities and I know that the restaurants close on Tues and Fri night. I can see a beach barbi listed for Tuesday night (I think we will miss this as I don't think we will get there until about 9pm). I can't however see anthing listed for Friday night. What happens.

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    Friday night is the Starlight Gala. It's an incredible spread that they set up on the lawn in front of the Beachfront Suites. They set up the stage with the entertainment out there too. They have various food & desert stations with ice sculptures. It looks fantastic at night especially from the stairway by "D" building. It's something you will not want to miss!!
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    The Starlight Gala is not to be missed.
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    Here's a few more pics of the Starlight Gala. It's making me hungry!!!
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    Default pics of star light gala

    Be sure to attend, it's a wonderful spread!
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