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    we had the good fortune to be upgraded to a BFS with wrap around porch and we thought we had died and gone to heaven - we had always looked at those rooms and thought how wonderful they are....they are purely luck of the draw, but are just unbelievably fabulous if you get them -

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    Even if you book a BFS, there is no guarantee that you will get one of the rooms with the wrap around porch. Some of the second floor rooms have wraparound balconies, but some do not (they only have a small balcony). We just got back on Wednesday, and this was definitely something that we looked into.

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    Almost all of the repeaters would opt for the extra day. Just sayin'.

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    Also keep in mind that if you book (for 2011) by April 15th, whatever you book, you pay the price for the next level of room down from yours. So if you want a better room, go one level higher and pay the for the same kind of room you got this year. Make sense? You also get the $500 credits (350 to spa and 150 to gift shop), not to mention the $100 departure check. All for being Romance Rewards members. I'd go for the extra days tho. We started out going for one week, then 10 days, and now we can't get by without going for 2 weeks. Sun_princess

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