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    We have booked our honeymoon at CSA in March and I am wondering if I am going to struggle with food, I have really bad allergies to shellfish and fish and cannot eat anything that has either in it or I will need hospital treatment. Looking through sample menus online a lot of food seems to be shellfish / fish based.

    I have been to Jamaica lots of times before (stayed at breezes) and never had a problem but just a little concerned.

    Thanks for your help


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    Lynda ~ While we don't have an allergy, we are not fish lovers and we have never gone hungry in our 5 stays at Couples.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    you should be fine. My hubby is allergic to shellfish and I am not he never had an issue. When you order just make it known...feathers has non fish, the buffet does, palms does and so does lemongrass. There is plenty of chicken, goat, etc. I would just make sure you take the proper precautions and bring when you need (epi pen and what not)

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    Thanks for the panic relief! I love Jamaican food and normally stick with Chicken, pork and goat.

    I am so ecited and looking forward to returning to Jamaica, I was only there in October but it seems soooo long ago!

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    While at CN, someone we traveled with had a Gluten allergy, she talked to the head chef the day we arrived, and at every meal, she told our server her name, and the chef came out to our table to discuss her meal. GREAT service, and made her stay much more enjoyable, so she didnt risk getting ill.
    Another plus for the Couples resort.

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    I too have food allergies. I am allergic to nuts, peaches and mustard. When traveling I just tell them up front and some places send the chef right out to see me.

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