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    We arrived at CSA on Tuesday night after 17 hours travelling from the UK. We've been at CN before, but this was our first trip to CSA.

    The Good
    The resort is lovely and the beach is amazing. We like the fact that it's spread out so doesn't feel crowded, even though it's full.

    We had a real problem with our room the first night and they sorted it out quickly for us (more on this below).

    The restaurants are great - we've had some lovely food, particularly at Lemongrass and Sea Grapes.

    The Bad
    The practice of bagging beach chairs in the middle of the night is not good. At 0730 they are all gone. We feel bad about the fact that the only option is to play this awful game too. Before long you will have to bag your chair for the next day before you go to bed!

    The Ugly
    The room we were first given (4206) stank (that's the only word for it) of damp. It hit you as you walked in the door. In a way this was lucky, because when we went to complain to reception the next morning it came to light that they had put us in a room of the wrong category. 4206 is a garden verandah and we'd booked ocean verandah. Once we'd brought them our invoice they arranged a swap to the right category. But what worried me is that they didn't seem at all concerned about the fact that our first room needs some serious drying out before it should be used again. I know it's the Caribbean and things are a bit damp in the humidity, but if our new room doesn't have this problem then clearly it's something that the resort can get right. They were not at all apologetic about the mistake in room category, but they were quick to get us into the right category once we told them.

    Overall we think we prefer CSA to CN, but it's a very close call.

    Weather report - it's been really hot and sunny but right now it's a bit windy and cloudy. Nothing to worry about though - it'l blow over soon enough :-)

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    Another report of beach chair shortage!

    Randy, are you seeing this?

    Seems to be a trend beginning. This is the second CSA review this week that mentioned beach chairs being in short supply and folks going out early in the morning to "reserve" them. I thought this game only applied to the thatch huts on the beach.

    I am watching this. I don't like to hear disparaging words about my beach.

    I love the beach!

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    This is worrying me too. We are booked for April, which I know is a really busy time. We usually don't get to the beach until after 10. It's going to really be disappointing if we won't be able to find chairs. I couldn't care less about palapas, but I would like to have chairs. I refuse to put my things out there the night before, or even hours before...I don't think very much of those that pull that crap, and I just can't bring myself to do the same.

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    I truly hope this "chair reserving" is not the case when we go in May. When we were there last May it was nice to be able to walk out to the beach after breakfast (10-10:30) and always get a chair. It sounds like it's something someone started after being used to Mexico or whatever and it's spread like a nasty germ. I was under the impression that there were plenty of chairs to go around our last visit. hmmmmmm

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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. On check in they need to issue you a chair and a floatie for your stay.
    You have to drag it back to your suite, but you'll have it everyday.
    End of the week, you turn it in like your beach towels.

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    We too are troubled about the chair situation. We will be arriving on Monday. When we were there in August there was no problem with chairs at all. I guess summer isn't a busy time. We too hate when people "reserve" chairs. I am so exicited to be going back to Swept Away I will be happy to lay on a towel! Will let everyone know what we find when we get there.

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    I as well am very concerned about this problem since we will be at CSA in March.There was never a problem at CN with this when we were there last year. We really enjoy laying on the beach as we were only at the pool at CN 1x. I hope this issue gets resolved VERY soon!

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    We are also going to CSA in April (smoo72, maybe we'll gat a chance to meet, 6/4 to 13/4), I am also starting to get a little worried about the beach chair situation. I hope the resort resolves the problem soon.

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    I am REALLY worried. We are headed back to CSA in less than two weeks and love to spend most of our time on the beach. Hope we will be able to find chairs!!!!

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    Oh man...let's just say I am going to be really ticked off if I am paying a fortune and can't even get a beach chair!!!

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    :We've seen that going on for years- watched MANY people do it - you know who you are !!
    I even have funny Pix of those early birds....

    Even better....
    This past Christmas I was alone with only one chair for less than an hour and I stood up to go talk to someone and a guest ran over and grabbed my chaise/mat and ran back to his group with it...One of the Beach Staff saw him do it and asked me if I wanted it back-

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    I couldn't agree more. We haven't been to Couples in six years (kids in college) but we're returning in March. This was never an issue in our previous trips. I kind of wonder what would happen if you showed up in the morning and "evicted" someone who had squatted from the previous evening!

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    Same here smoo. We will be there in April as well and I don't want to play that game. One time I did get up to get a palapa because we sat next to one for two days and nobody ever used it. We were at the beach all day except to eat. What a waste. At least those towels had a nice leisurely time in the shade. I got up early, put our stuff down, ate breakfast and then sat there all day long. If I was going to stoop to that level I was going to make the most of it. I hated doing it though. I guess nobody was using the beach while we ate breakfast but it is such a childish game. I am really disappointed to hear it has gotten this bad. I do not want to be fighting for a stinking chair. Thank God we ended up with a beachfront suite instead of the atrium we wanted. Maybe I can just sit there instead. I like being on the beach but I will hunker down under a tree in the sand from time to time I guess.

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    I can tell you I will be out before dawn for a palapa, we go in april. But we USE it ALL day and if not we gladly give it up. Just need one because hubby is VERY fair skinned. I never saw the lack of chairs before though there were always chairs...if it is a prob they should get more.

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    smoo - No worries. This is high season and the resort is packed. We'll be there in April as well (9th-18th) and have been to CSA that time twice before. There are plenty of chairs and floaties to be had.

    I'm beginning to wonder if the staff at CSA is pulling the old and broken chairs for replacement and there's a shortage or a long lag time in getting the new ones.
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    Folks please!

    There are plenty of beach chairs at CSA. Just limited shaded areas. The issue of reserving chairs is one that has been debated for years. We do not intend to post chair police around the resort or to scold guests for reserving chairs in the shade.

    Couples Resorts

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