We arrived at CSA on Tuesday night after 17 hours travelling from the UK. We've been at CN before, but this was our first trip to CSA.

The Good
The resort is lovely and the beach is amazing. We like the fact that it's spread out so doesn't feel crowded, even though it's full.

We had a real problem with our room the first night and they sorted it out quickly for us (more on this below).

The restaurants are great - we've had some lovely food, particularly at Lemongrass and Sea Grapes.

The Bad
The practice of bagging beach chairs in the middle of the night is not good. At 0730 they are all gone. We feel bad about the fact that the only option is to play this awful game too. Before long you will have to bag your chair for the next day before you go to bed!

The Ugly
The room we were first given (4206) stank (that's the only word for it) of damp. It hit you as you walked in the door. In a way this was lucky, because when we went to complain to reception the next morning it came to light that they had put us in a room of the wrong category. 4206 is a garden verandah and we'd booked ocean verandah. Once we'd brought them our invoice they arranged a swap to the right category. But what worried me is that they didn't seem at all concerned about the fact that our first room needs some serious drying out before it should be used again. I know it's the Caribbean and things are a bit damp in the humidity, but if our new room doesn't have this problem then clearly it's something that the resort can get right. They were not at all apologetic about the mistake in room category, but they were quick to get us into the right category once we told them.

Overall we think we prefer CSA to CN, but it's a very close call.

Weather report - it's been really hot and sunny but right now it's a bit windy and cloudy. Nothing to worry about though - it'l blow over soon enough :-)