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    Default CTI Trip Review--12th trip.

    Trip Report—CTI 12/2018
    Arrival: We were scheduled to arrive into Montego Bay at 11:59. Storms pushed that to 12:30 when we finally got to the gate. As we departed, we were greeted by our Club MoBay rep and we were so happy! We bypassed very long lines at immigration, even the kiosks were backed up, and customs. We checked into Couples and went next door to the Club MoBay lounge for a rum punch and some finger food. Before we could sit down, it was time to load our shuttle. We picked up our food and drinks and headed out the door. As we were leaving the airport, the driver told us that unless we wanted to stop, he was driving straight through.
    We arrived at the resort and check in went quickly. Our room was not ready as we wanted a room on an upper level as stated in our “precheck-in”. We headed over to the grill and had a late lunch. Then our room was ready, we unpacked and went to the wine tasting class with Valentine. It was a lot of fun and we ended up winning a bottle of wine. Dinner was at Verandah with excellent service. As we had been traveling since 3 am, we it was an early night for us.
    Next day, we made more dinner reservations and a spa reservation. We went to the spa after lunch for our Couples’ massage which I followed up with a facial. It was Friday, so I had lobster at 8 Rivers and the hubby had lamb. It was excellent and again service was amazing. Saturday was beach time with the gala in the evening. We could to tell that occupancy was low at the resort and this was clear for this set up as the food and tables to eat were all set up in the Patio. They ended up having to do some seating in the Verandah.
    Sunday was another beach day followed by dinner at 8 Rivers, again. This was a Red Flag day as it was raining hard in the morning. However, by noon it was clear and the water calm, but the red flag stayed up. In years past, the beach would have been raked and the watersports would be open. Instead ALL of watersports guys were sitting at the watersports hut talking. The beach was a mess, and no one was working to clean it up until later in the afternoon. This is where not having a GM on site became evident.
    Monday was Christmas Eve and they had a lot going on throughout the resort. The marching band came in and did their thing on the beach and around the pool. In the evening, they had the managers’ cocktail party around the main pool with a choir singing Christmas Carols. The managers did not mingle, just sat on the sidelines. As we went to the Piano Lounge for the Repeaters’ Cocktail party, again, no managers. It was a server who came to have us go into 8 Rivers for dinner. The dinner was excellent. Alex from Entertainment was at our table. Mr. Stephens was at table near us. As we were concluding our meal, he got up and spoke thanking us as repeat guests and the staff. What I felt was missing was an acknowledgement of there being no GM. Who is currently in charge? When will the new person start?
    Tuesday was Christmas day. They had lunch on the beach. We took it easy and relaxed. We played a ring toss game and won a bottle of rum and had dinner at 8 Rivers. During dinner, they had carolers come in and sing. BTW, the overhead music in 8 Rivers doesn’t even compare to the piano that used to play during dinner.
    Wednesday, we had a spa treatment—body exfoliating and polish. It was very nice, however, the brochure said 50 minutes and we were in and out in 30 minutes. We weren’t even in the spa 50 minutes! We thought it went quickly but didn’t realize the time until after we were back to our room. We had dinner at Bayside. While not some of my favorite food, the setting is very nice and, in the winter, more tolerable than in July when we go. I don’t remember our servers name, but she was very friendly.
    Thursday was departure day ☹ This was the first time this trip I saw tipping going on. The bellman looked before he took the tip and said, okay, no one is watching. So, there again, they know they aren’t supposed to take tips. Funny thing though, we got to the airport and the guy didn’t want to tip a porter and took his own bags. Anyway, we got our repeaters’ departure bag and again headed straight to the airport. We flew Delta and check in was easy.
    We enjoyed our trip and our time together, but there were things that disappointed us. First, we could not get a room service menu. In years past, there was notebook with all the information in that you could want on the dresser or nightstand. That was gone. They kept telling us that everything was on Channel 5. We kept trying to tell them that we didn’t have Channel 5. My husband was able to get a continental breakfast menu from housekeeping in Building 3 as we didn’t even have that in the room. In our bathroom, if we turned on the sink faucet too high, water sprayed out the side of the faucet and the faucet in the shower was falling off the wall. Also, on a few occasions, when we stepped out on the balcony there was distinct sewer order. Next was watersports. On Calamore’s day off, the boat captain made a point of letting us know that he was doing us a favor by taking us to and from the island. Really?? Also, on Cleyandrew’s day off, the watersports guys spent a lot of time on the island drinking. I don’t mean just coming up and grabbing a drink and back on the boat, they were sitting around and drinking. On our last day, Calamore was using the little boat to take people to and from the island in the afternoon. We asked why, and he told us that someone wanted to take a cruise on the bigger boat. Again, really??? As for the buildings, the elevator in Building 5 was out our entire stay and the elevator in Building 4 was out most of our stay. Thank goodness, the elevator in Building 3 was running. We don’t mind using the stairs but prefer the elevator in the evening when we go to dinner. Drinks on the island were watered down, including putting ice in my sparkling wine. One time, my husband was walking through building 3 and a young male employee was chasing a female employee with a partial bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses. When he saw my husband he quickly stopped and ducked into a room. Music on the island on Cleyandrew’s day off was rap music, not Ragae, not Christmas, but rap. While it didn’t take anything from our vacation, there were a couple of families at the resort, not with little kids, and not mom and dad and daughter and husband, but mom and dad and two sons and mom and dad and two daughters. In both instances the children appeared to be of age, but Couples is not where I would take my sons for a family vacation. While we put in our “precheck-in” and our check-in that we were celebrating my birthday and our anniversary, there was never any mention of either event.
    The food and service staff were amazing and with the resort being low in capacity, it was never difficult to get a drink. There were some familiar favorites, Byron, Captain Kirk, Emorth, Antionette, Taneisha, Valentine and Terry—who when he saw us, asked where the rest of the crew was! But several staff have moved on to other places. We didn’t get all our wait staff names, but service in the restaurants was amazing!
    We will be back and if we are lucky enough to do a second trip this year, we want to try CSS.

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    Hey Vicky -- how has the repeaters dinner different than in past? When at San Souci in 2017, Mr Pierre was at the dinner and had a speech, awards, etc. CTI 2018 had a wonderful time at the Repeaters dinner but no word from managers awards/drawings, etc. No big deal but different and obviously a nicer venue ( 8 Rivers vs some baquet room at San Souci).

    Regarding the general manager, I never had any interaction or even knowledge about the leadership at CTI in 3 visits, however I am hearing that others like you claim a difference without the old general manager. hopefully this is in a vacuum and corrects itself quickly. We are booking for July anyway. 😀

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