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    Default A Special CN Memory

    It seems as if we only had a few years together, but I can still remember as if it were yesterday…

    The mornings and nights we spent together

    The scent of you upon my skin.

    All the times I tried to steal you away and keep you for myself

    Couldn’t stop the inevitable end.

    I still yearn for you.

    Even though I shared you with so many others

    My memories will never fade

    Your essence will linger in my mind.

    And as the days without you turn into months and years,

    I will not forget our time together.

    I will miss you

    My Blue Shower Gel

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    They had the blue shower gel at CSS last March and at CTI last week! Just not at CN either time. What gives???
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    ** cute **
    Art xo Francine

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    I posted this yesterday....don't know why it didn't make the board, but CTI had it. Here is proof, LOL
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    Thanks Bkhiattky! I still have 4 bottles left. Sigh.

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    Good to hear that CTI has the blue gel. It is fabulous and looking forward to using that special smell again. I can't find anything like it here. I wish they would sell it in the gift shops. I would buy a couple of bottles. How about it Randymon???

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    So they brought back the gel?? They did not have it in July when we were there. That was about the only "complaint" I had when doing a comparison between COR and CTI as I didn't care for the soap.

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    Good grief, I'm ranking this Blue Shower Gel right behind Red Stripe as the most overhyped item in the vacation universe.

    It's amazing what pleases people to no end.
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