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    I know it isn't fair that we have to stay in communication with our employees while at CSS, but it's just a fact... so what is the best means of communication for those of us who HAVE to be able to make & retrieve phone calls?? Please help.... our cellular carrier has already confirmed that my blackberry will not work there, so that's out.
    Also, I have one of those mini HP computers... will the wi-fi work with my little computer or should I just leave it home?
    Just wondering..... thanks so much! 27 days till CSS! Can't wait!

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    Yes, your mini will work on the wifi. GSM phones will work in Jamaica. You can a get limewire prepaid card and use that. It has free incoming call.

    You can get the card before you go.
    Irie Mon

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    I see your topic is about GSM phones. We have a friend who has a GSM phone and goes into Negril to get a chip with minutes on it. He and his bride use it to stay in touch with their daughter when on the island. At the end of their stay, he gives the chip to a another friend on the island and he uses the remaining minutes on his phone.

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    I have no idea what a chip with minutes is... (yes, showing I am not very technology savvy!). We have a Mobal GSM phone on the way and the minutes we use in Jamaica are not that bad providing we don't overdo the usage of it. We just have to have a way to keep in touch with our employees back home in NC. So, these gsm phones, what about this lime card - is it something we pay for in addition to the Mobal phone minutes or does it take the place of the minutes? I sure don't want to pay twice.... so here are the facts: We have a Mobal GSM phone on the way & it should be here this week which is ample time before leaving for me to save numbers I may need.... what do I do next?

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