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    Ok all, here is another question from a first time Couples Resort guest. ( well not quite yet, reservation is in March 2010)
    I have read a few threads where guest have arrived at TI only to find out they have been bumped due to the resort being full. If that is the case what happens ?
    Do these resorts inform BEFORE arrival that they have overbooked certain rooms ( ie Garden ) or dates ?

    Thanks for any information passed this way. I'm sure this will not be the last question I ask before heading for the airport.

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    We have been bumped from CTI on two different occasions. One time it was because of a stomach virus and the entire resort cleaned, the other time was because of a delay of the grand re-opening. Both times we where notified well before arriving to the resort. Hope this helps.


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    Default Randymon

    Is this your competition making these posts? I have been watching these message boards for a while and it seems this is a subtle new issue. As you explained in anonther post, you would know prior and make accomodations if this were to happen.

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    Looking at teh users' other posts, I don't think so John/Martina.

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    No we are not another resort. We are from central Missouri. Each time we were bumped was due to an unforseen, unavoidable event at CTI. Couples handled each bump very professionally and with great customer service. We are hooked on Couples. We had decided to try Cancun due to the lower cost this year, but we couldn't bring ourselves to do it. So, we will be at CTI, for the first time, this March. Ya Mon! I guess the third time is the charm. We are officially Couples junkies!

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    Every time is a charm with Couples.

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    Hey there rocosssb, I laughed my head-off at your new "msg board name"!! When are you going??? David and I will be there tomorrow (CTI) for 6 nights and then spend 4 nights at CSS (home of the roco LOL). Thinking of an April trip as well. Say hi to robossb! Get it! :-)

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    Hey ddc! Move your April trip March 24th for 6 nights! Would love to see you. This is our worst year ever is over celebration at CTI. Bill had 5 surgeries from July to December. We are celebrating no more surgeries in the forseen future! Yeah!!! I hear you guys are Couples Junkies as well.

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    We were bumped for similar reasons as rococss. Couples notified us well ahead of time in both cases and compensated us for the change in plans. I haven't heard of people being bumped to another resort unless it was some extraordinary circumstance such as the slight delay in the CTI renovation. We did not worry about being "bumped" to CSS, anyhow. It's a lovely resort. And I'm not the competition, either.
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    how much ahead of time would you be notified if you are bumped?

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    Couples may upgrade your room, but they Very rarely bump you to anther resort due to overbooking.

    Couples resort are different when it comes to way they do business. They do not spend a ton of money with TV adds looking for new business, they keep care of their guests and we keep on coming back time and time again.

    You are a special when you are at Couples, not just a booking.
    Irie Mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    how much ahead of time would you be notified if you are bumped?
    Both of the times we where bumped Couples notified us as soon as they could after the event that caused us to be bumped. The first time I think we where told about two weeks before departure and the second time it was maybe two or three months. On both occasions it was for a very legitamate reason that could not be avoided and we where well compensated for the inconvenience.


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    Default It was great again rocoss

    We are just back - literally.

    Really liked CTI but were so so so glad we went back to SSB. We met another couple that were there the same time we were - we missed other folks by a couple of days. Jhaneal (spelling ???) AN bartender was there as she was great as always....she is so so nice!

    David wants to go back in April but will look into March both deserve some "Tower Time" wink wink :-)

    You still have my g mail address????

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    It took me a minute, but now I totally get it! My brain is a little fried. After all of Bill's surgeries my mother is now in the hospital having a knee replaced! When it rains it pours!

    That will now be my new MB name! Look for it.
    CTI soon come and I will definetly ROBO!!!

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