It is so hard to believe that my darling bride and I are only 6 days away from our first trip to CN (2nd trip to Jamaica). I have 2 last minute questions. I know we will find out the answers shortly after we arrive, but reading and positing on this MB helps to mitigate the uncontrollable excitement and pass the time.

1) What brands of Tequila do they have at CN? I haven't seen any mention of it in the other alcohol related posts. My bride is a big Margarita fan. I known Jamaica is "Rum Country", which is perfect for me as I prefer Rum, but thought I would ask.

2) We are booked in a Garden Suite. Can anyone tell us how the evening appetizers in the room work? Do we select what we want or is it predetermined? What time are they delivered to the room? Do we get to select a time frame? How is the variety (we will be there for 10 days)? Any examples of what may be typical?

Thanks to all on the MB. It has helped to educate us and pass the time since we booked back in August.

So hard to believe that, after almost 3 long years since our last true vacation, this time next week we will be asleep on the beach.

Cheers - John