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    Default Honeymoon at CSA in May....tour questions??

    Me and my fiance will be staying at CSA in May for our honeymoon and have been looking at a few of the tours outside the resort. We found a few that interest us and wanted to get see what people thought who have done them. The first is the Chukka horse back riding on the beach, the next is Mayfield Falls waterfall tour and the last is boat tour form Negirl to Rick's cafe that stops for snorkeling and cliff jumping at Rick's Cafe and Pirate's Cove. Neither of us have ever been to Jamaica so we are super excited no matter what we do!!

    Thanks to everyone!

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    Ok... first off... that "boat tour" to Rick's Cafe and Pirate's Cove... is (sort of) included with your stay. It doesn't go to Rick's but goes past it... they will generally float near the cliffs so you can watch a few of the divers jump... then its back to what USED to be called Pirate's Cove (Cave)... but is now called PushCart.

    Here the catamaran will anchor, and you can get off the boat to snorkel, swim, explore the caves and such. They no longer allow cliff diving here (the lawyer's landed on Jamaica last year), but there will generally be a Jamaican or two diving there for tips.

    If you want to experience the thrill of cliff diving yourself, you'll have to get a ride to Rick's, where they still allow you to jump (last I knew). You can get a ride from SweptAway by cab, or they will send a bus every day about 4pm (or they did last May), at a cost of $15 pp. Its a great place to catch a sunset, but then, so is SweptAway.

    As for Mayfield Falls... I highly recommend it. Its a great hands (or feet) on tour, where you're guided along a beautiful stream with numerous falls. We did this a couple of years back and had a blast! Tour can be arranged at the tour desk in the GreatHouse, or you can do your research online and arrange with one of the local tour operators before you arrive.

    When in May? We'll be there May22-30!


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    Thanks for the info! We will be there the 2-8th

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