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    Default Question for returing guests CTI

    Hello All

    My husband and I have been returning guest to CTI about 15 years now, but I am curious to find out if anyone has received a room upgrade recently, if so I'd like to know. I am asking because ther are alot of people stating otherwise. "(ie) the staff did not know, check back tomorrow and so on". I will be at CTI on the 24th of Feb, and am so looking forward to this much needed, long awaited trip back home! Still, I am not much for surprises and after a long trip, I like to know what to expect which is why we return to Couples every year.Our reservations this year are for a Premium room, and we are RR passionate level!Has anyone at this level received an upgrade? And what was it to???Thank You...

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    Nope not yet. We are passionate level as well and nothing yet at CTI, CN or CSS. If you are happy with what you have and they offer an upgrade you do not have to take it. I think the next level at CTI is a garden suite. good luck.

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    hey dandj thats kind of what we figured ,by reading all the other posts, but we are still going to give it a try and ask, although dont know if a garden suite is what we want, really enjoy the balcony in the early morn and late at night like the sax player also, cant hear him from the garden thanx lots 26 more days iree!!!!

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    We got an upgrade. We arrived on Saturday, and was moved on Monday for the rest of the week.

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