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    I was at CSA for my wedding and I completely fell in love with Jamaica. I'm currently finishing up my RN degree (BSN) from Canada, and I am exploring international opportunities. When I graduate next spring I will have a specialty in Pediatric/emergency. I have done a fair amount of research around health in rural Caribbean cities and my husband and I are very interested in exploring volunteer opportunities for medical professionals.
    I was wondering if anyone has arranged tours of the hospitals in Jamaica or health clinics? If so how did you go about doing it? I have looked into the ISSA Trust Foundation but it seems like they only accept Americans. Canadian nurses are wanted all over the world so I'm not worried about finding work, I just wanted to give back to a community that has given me so much.

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    Default Volunteering - Issa Trust Foundation

    [COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="2"]Thank you Meeko for your posting and interest in making a difference and learning more about opportunities to give back. All of the Couples Resorts guests who have contributed to the great achievements of Issa Trust Foundation through their time, energy, expertise and resources…should take a bow! Thousands of young lives have been saved or enhanced through their outstanding work. We have been fortunate to have volunteers from all over the world who have been involved with our yearly pediatric medical missions. We have not formally organized tours to the hospitals or health clinics in Jamaica, but if you have interest, I can work to connect you with someone. Please feel free to connect with me directly, Diane Pollard,

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    The hospital covering the Westmoreland area is in Savannah La Mar. Most of the Negril and surrounding area babies are born there.....If you are in Negril, it's less than an hours drive. The next closest is in Lucea.
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    After a run in with sand fleas and a severe allergic reaction, a local doctor came to see me at CSA. He was from Canada! He has a clinic in Negril. I can look up his info, if it would help you. Emily (Rastagirl)

    feel free to e-mail me at:

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    Perfect, Tahnk you! I'm a really looking forward to speaking with you! Cheers!

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