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Thread: Bus Ride

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    Default Bus Ride

    I'd like to get some honest opinions of the bus ride from the airport to the CSA. It will be my first time there in September and I just heard from someone that the bus ride is a bit scary? Is that true?

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    While the ride may seem a little nerve wracking since they drive on the opposite side of the road and sometimes depending on the driver you get may seem a little reckless the scenery is great. From the different towns and cities and shantys you pass thru to the views of the coutry side and the ocean its relly kind of nice. Heck you even get a potty break. And to top it off alot of the roads have been paved since the first time I went. This will be my 7th trip. So don't worry about what you hear its not bad at all.

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    Default bus ride

    the bus ride is not scary at all, although we traveled in the mornings so it was very comfortable and cool, it took about 1 1/2hr to reach the resort, if you are traveling at night i can see maybe it being somewhat scary, as it is very dark on the road.

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    I don't think it is scary. Just a different style of driving then we are used to in the states. I say you get elements of the first three and thats what makes it interesting.
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    Once you get the hang of it you get it.. Jamaican roads are NOT like they are here in America but the drivers really look out for each other and take care of one another. It might seem crazy, and some do want to go faster than others but overall what I have seen there is much nicer than the constant middle fingers and yelling at each other that I have experienced here in the states.

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    I've always thought it was interesting to see the changes from our previous visits. Yes, at times it's boring, depending on the driver, but most of the time you'll get a bit of travelogue along the route.

    Many years ago (20+) it was scary - a single lane, dirt road, that came very close to the seawall. But that's when the trip was in an old school bus without air conditioning and the ride took three and half hours and the resort we were going to was called "Couples Jamaica."
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    Considering that I do a lot of driving in my line of work I was facinated by the fact that in Jamaica they drive on the wrong side of the road. Is that scary? Nope but different.

    I found the ride from the airport to CN an experience in Jamaican lifestyle.

    Is it boring to see stretches of unspoiled coastline?

    NOPE I love every mile of it.

    Now drive downtown New York and fight with those cab drivers. That's scary!

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    The first time it was interesting. After having made the trip a couple more times I find myself dosing off after the first 20 minutes or so. But that's just me. It really is not a bad ride at all.

    The worst thing is that you feel like a little kid and keep wanting to ask the driver "Are we there yet??" But being all grown up, of course, you just ride along and squirm in your seat in anticipation.

    Enjoy your trip. You will love CSA!

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    To be honest: I LOVE the ride to CSA. Especially once you get out of Montego Bay. For me, that's the point I start to get out of travel mode and onto Jamaica time.

    There is just so much to see. I've always secretly wished we could stop for good long while in Lucea. For some reason, I particularly like the looks that little town when we drive through.

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    Personally, I liked it. (Prepare to Qualify!)The driver was full of information and tid-bits all the way to TI. I was okay with it and can't wait to do it again next year!

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    It's not the wrong side of the road, it's the other side of the road. We were corrected several times in Scotland several years ago.
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    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    I see the ride from the airport as an excursion. You get to see beautiful scenery, gorgeous coastline and a day in the live of Jamaicans going about their business. If your driver is entertaining, add that to the list of positives.

    They have done a lot of work to the roads in the last 10 years. I think the stories about near-death rides may have started when the road was nothing more than a long line of dirt. Our first time in Jamaica was in '99 and we were very concerned about the trip to the resort. When we stepped off of the bus, we gave each other a look, shrugged our shoulders and truly did not see what all the fuss was about.

    You are in Jamaica. Enjoy the ride, check-in at your resort, grab a drink, take off your clothes and jump in the Caribbean! YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

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    The ride to the resort is part of the experience. I really look forward to that ride.
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    I love the drive!! We always chat it up with the folks on the bus, and get to see a lot of Jamaica that we wouldn't see, if not for the bus ride. The driver is always cheerful and pleasant and knowledgeable. It is like a guided tour for us. It also gets me even more excited knowing that in a short time, I will be back home . I definitely wouldn't consider it scary......just different than what we are used to.

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    I agree with fawnridge and all the others. My first time in Jamaica was in 1992. The roads were dirt and we got in a small bus that had no roof. Pigs and chickens were all over the streets and shantys were all you saw. Jamaica has grown in many ways since then. The roads are great (I have something to compare it to) and if I could offer some advice...take in all that is around you, the people, the places, the lifestyle. It's wonderful to embrace and humbling at the same time. PS....there's a great little bar outside when you head to the van at the airport. Grab an extra drink and enjoy!

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    I enjoy the ride...we usually arrive early enough that the traffic isn't too bad and I love looking around but I do start squirming in my seat to get is just a little too long for me. But that is my excitement to get to CN. Not because I get bored.

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    Been on it so many times I guess I have crossed over to "relaxing" The first few times it was "interesting" but after the 3-4th time it just became part of the vacation experience and relaxing.

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    Personally I love siting in the seatup front by the driver. My husband and I were at CN in March 2009. Our driver was Lloyd he was amazing. Always telling us facts about Jamaica and making us laugh. 268 days to go, I hope we get Lloyd again!! I hope to sit in the seat way up front!!


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    The last trip was OK. We were in a relatively comfortable mini-van with another couple and we chatted all the way to CSA. IMHO, though, it's really boring. I usually sleep most of the way there. (Though that could also be the 2 red strips I manage to pound before leaving the Couples lounge. LOL.) My DH, who is 6'7" is not so lucky. He scrunches himself in a seat and is pretty darn uncomfortable all the way there.

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    You might take a lot of pictures of Lucea (Lucia) before it changes. Articles that I have been reading reflect that area will see the next resort build up.

    We watched as the Grand Palladium sprawled out over the area and the talks of more apparently have mixed emotions with the residents.

    One of the things we enjoy is getting off the resort and seeing Jamaica. There is a lot of beauty out there!

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    Just got back from CSA. The ride there was great, the driver showed us things to look at and he didnt ride crazy.

    The ride home was REALLY bad. We had a BUS, which usually you ride in a smaller shuttle but this was a BIG BUS, lots of couples leaving home and bad shocks so it was a very interesting ride which I held on the entire time everytime he went around a curve fast. That was my only complaint. I will probably take TIMAIR back so I dont waste my time driving back, want to stay there as long as I can.

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    Default Lucea

    Spliff, I could not agree with you more Lucea is always the town I am most interested in between the airport and Negril. I hope to stop and visit one day as there always seems to be lots going on.

    As they would say in JA about the driving..

    "Left side, right side; Right side, suicide. No Problems."

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    Not boring or scary at all to me! I carry my little camera with me and have taken lots of interesting pictures out the windows! There are lots of things to see, as well as the ocean on your right the whole way. I don't normally talk to other riders, I like it quiet so that I can relax before we get there.

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    I drive in Ireland and I'm left handed too, so driving on the left is not scary to me at all. In Ireland you have to dodge sheep and tour buses, in Jamaica you just have to dodge the goats.

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    I voted relaxing because when I get on the bus to Negril, I just veg out, look at all the beautiful and interesting scenery and before you know it we are there. I do however want to fly to the resort sometime upon arrival just to see it all from above!

    Kevin & Angie

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