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    Default Longest Waiting Time for a Trip...

    We booked a trip to CSA for May 2011 a few months ago and it got me thinking. What is the longest wait anyone has had before a trip? We are having to wait well over a year and a half and its killing me!! We have never booked more than 6 months out before so the wait never was too long.

    I guess I will live through everyone else till then...

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    I booked in June of 2009 for a late Dec 2010 trip. The wait is horrible but it really does give us something to look forward to for this year. We will be at CSS Dec 14 - 23.

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    I had to 735 days to go!!! 2 years and 5 days =/ we are now at 108 days to go for our honeymoon!!

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    Oh my. We have always booked in January for a trip in April. I usually want to lose some weight so that makes it go faster. I always end up thinking that there is no way I can lose enough in the amount of time left. I am thinking about booking for next year before we leave for this one. Now that is going to be hard for me since I plan on going later in the year next time.

    Try counting in weeks or months. The smaller numbers sound better than the big ones you have when you count days!

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    We are also booking for May 2011, and yes it is a long way away but it will give us something to look forward to!

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    Forgive me for asking, but why have you booked so far in advance?

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    booked our december 2010 trip back in august 2009... waiting waiting waiting so patiently over here....

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    I am currently booking for November 25th-30th. I am so anxious, but we are currently moving across the States to California, so I expect that to take up most of my time and focus. Then again, when you're ready to go, you're just ready! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabushka View Post
    Forgive me for asking, but why have you booked so far in advance?
    not sure if this was for me or not...haha! we booked right after we got engaged in 2008, and had a 2 year engagement (had to save money, find and buy a house, etc etc) so we are getting married in may 2010, so we finnnnallllly get to go!!!!

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    I booked so early because of the $500 credits and one of the Wed specials was for free travel insurance. We knew we wanted to go in late Dec 2010 to celeberate our 30 yr anniversary so the deal seemed to good to pass up. With Couples best deal guarantee and with the insurance we really didn't have anything to loose.

    The worst part is the wait and the worry over getting flights that worked, but we got the flights we wanted so everything turned out good so far!!!!

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    Well we just went in July. We wanted to go back this summer but already had some vacations planned and then won a trip to Mexico. No vacation time left for this year. So when I saw the rates were going up I said let's go ahead and book it for 2011. Gives us more time to save and something to look forward too. My wife said we have to start trying for a kid next time we go so it buys me more time too!

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    Meeko, what dates are you booking? We are there may 21-28 2011. Where from?

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    I booked our November 2011 vacation on October 30th of 2009. I wanted to get in on the best rate that I could and the prices were going up.

    We booked so early to save money and also use the Love Away plan. For only $100 a month, our vacation will be paid for before the 45 days! All we have to do is get our flights.
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    As for flights I have always found the best price as soon as the schedules are announced. Anyone think it pays to wait it out?

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    I cannot imagine booking a year in advance because the wait is horrible!. We usually book our vacations last minute or a month in advance, this year (because of the fabulous price we found on line for CSA), we booked six months in advance. THE WAIT IS HORRENDOUS, especially today where we are in a the middle of a snow storm (30 + cm of snow)in my home town. I would rather be in Jamaica right now ! 68 days and counting!

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    a little over a year...for our honeymoon. Since my MIL is a travel agent we solicited her expertise early and booked CSA immediatly (there weren't even any other suggestions).

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    Exactly 4 years from the day we last checked out of CTI and arrive at CSS

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    Default Why wait.

    Why wait, just go on more holidays. Just kidding. With the minus 40 this winter, 90 days has been too long to think about Couples Negril. Only 20 to go!!!

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