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    Has anyone renewed their wedding vows at couples negril?
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    I'll take a "u" :-)

    Seriously, my husband and I renewed our vows at CN in August 2007 and it was a great experience. We did the standard package for $150 and loved every second of it.
    Do you have a specific question about it or just looking for overall impressions?

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    We did a vow renewal at CSA for our 25th anniversary in '05. We loved it. It was more fun than our original wedding for us because of no worries or pressure from planning, guest lists, invitations or any of that other wedding drudgery. Very relaxed and romantic. Great pictures too.
    I would assume that the experience at CN would be equally gratifying.

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    We did our renewal in November at CN and it was a wonderful ceremony. They made the day very special for us. Let me know if you have any particular questions. Kelly

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    Default Vow Renewal

    My husband surprised me Feb 2008 with vow renewal for our 10th anniversary. It was great. We renewed on the beach at 1:00 Valentine's day. Any particular question?
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    25th anniversary Vow renewal, Nov.2007, CN. It was wonderful, we had our grown children and friends with us, CN made it a beautiful day.
    Four o'clock ceremony, followed by little cake in the garden, sunset pictures, and private dinner for all of us.
    And then we danced, and hottubed it very late!
    Highly recommend it. As stated, this was better than our original wedding.

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    my hubby and I renewed our vows at CN for our 10th anniversary in 2006. It was our first visit to CN and the renewal (and everything else about CN) was spectacular!! We will be back there this coming April for our third trip back "home." The renewal was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it!! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
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    We renewed our vows for our 25th at CN in 2004 and it was great. The staff was wonderful and we had 3 other couples with us to make it even better. We also made friends with 2 couples on the bus going to CN who came too. We did the vows in the garden near the spa and then had cake & champaign in the gazebo at the south end of the resort.
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