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    Default Starting to Wonder

    We will be heading to CSS from Feb 12-16. Our first time going to an AN option resort of any sort, my wife and I have gathered the strength to hit SSB and based on the replies to earlier messages, I'm starting to think we may be the only ones. Which I guess is OK, but not quite the social scene I'm hearing about on these other posts. Maybe folks are still deciding. Oh well, if you get out there during that time span, look for us, we'll be the naked ones...maybe the only naked ones. Chime in if you'll be there. Ps. I do see plenty of views, just no responses. Maybe you're just trying to convince yourself. Question to anyone who can answer, is the mineral pool ok with no clothes at night. Getting to the resort around 10 pm and would like to take a dip. Where's the best spot at night...SSB?

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    Default You will not be alone!

    I think only a small percentage of couples know of this web site. You will not be alone during the day on SSB.

    We go to SSB at night to take a dip. No one will bother you, and the guard may even turn on a light or two for you. You may find that other couples have thought of the same idea.

    Have a great time!


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    i would use caution taking a midnight dip in the ocean off SSB. The river provides a current which is deceiving and the rocky entry could be tricky. Nothing ruins a nice holiday like an . I would suggest sticking to the ssb pool at night....

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    Default I agree!

    Stick with the SSB pool and hot tub at night for skinny dipping. It is very dark on SSB beach at night. We have seen locals travel along the SSB beach area and go up and down the mountain side with torches late at night. We would rather let them do their thing while we take a late night dip in the pool. No worries!


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    The mineral hot tub is very private and dark so even if someone with a suit should happen upon you they would never know. It doesn't appear to be very busy either which is nice.
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    I forgot to mention... SSB was completely full when we went although only 1-2 people were posting on the message board so no worries. I am sure there will be plenty of people around should you choose to be social.
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    Weve been to TI and SSB several times and even to the AN at CN once, our observation is that it has always been the right number of people. Not over crowded, but never empty. We are social people, so we go to the pool at SSB and turn left on the island. My guess is that you will have a great time and meet some grerat folks along the way. Cheers.

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    Default See you at CSS

    My wife and I will make our second trip to CSS February 9-15. Looking forward again to Sunset Beach. Relaxing setting and wonderful people. Last trip, the guard advised us not to swim in the ocean at night, but we enjoyed the pool and hot tub with friends and some champagne.

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    C18..congrats on making the decision to venture over.. you will never go back.. we made our first excursion to the a/n in 2001 at CSS been mostly to Braco since but we are back Feb 10-20 to Sans Souci..Rick & Mel...our friends Merv & Tilly will also be there Feb 11-16

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