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    Default 1 Week at CSS, What to bring???


    Will will be going to a couples resort and jamaica for the first time Feb 13-20. We are wondering what to bring with us. Types of clothes and shoes for restaurants? Must haves that newbies would never think of??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Mike and Doreen

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    Plan to spend the day in your swimsuit and cover up. In the night I wear summer dresses and hubby wears nice slacks with an island themed shirt. (Think Hawaiian shirt). You are not in your night clothes for very long and we go for 2 weeks, so we just wear the evening clothes more than one time and it works out fine.

    I suggest 1 swimsuit for every 3 days you are there. Also bring some Woolite or something to rinse the suits out in and then you can hang them to dry. I also bring several cover ups.

    Remember to bring a beach bag to put your beach 'stuff' in such as suntan lotion, book, beach towel, camara, etc.

    Remember to bring lip protection as they too can get burned. A hat is also nice to have as my head always gets sunburned in my part and hubbies hair is thin so he also gets burned.

    To save room, don't pack too many pairs of shoes. I pack one pair to wear at night, a pair of flip flops and my tennis shoes. It saves room and you really don't need to run a fashion show while you are there.

    Prepare for beach gravity to set in and be relaxed. CSS is very romantic with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. We spent one afternoon making sure we swam and soaked in all the pools and hot tubs. You will have a wonderful time.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Can't think of anything special to bring but I can say......DON"T OVER PACK! Lots of beach wear.

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    Pam can you help this fine boardie out. In the event Pam is not avail if you check the FAQ you will be good to go ... enjoy
    if you are in doubt post pic of the shoes in question and our panel of experts will help steer you in the right direction- enjoy

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    Pack like you would do normally for a trip and then remove half the stuff. If you are going for a week, you probably will go to Palazina or Cassanova 2-3 times and you should bring nice clothes for dinner. Other than that, you will be in your bathing suit & shorts the whole time. No matter what, if this is your first trip, you will overpack. We did the same thing our first couple of trips and laughed about it when we got back home. We ended up unpacking over 50% of clothes we brought that we never wore.

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    I pack a set of workout clothes for each day and dresses or skirts for evenings that I wear with heeled sandals. Daytime wear is bathing suits and sundresses for cover ups. I don't like shorts so don't pack them. My husband wears nice slacks with Tommy Bahama shirts for dinner and dress shoes. Shorts and work out wear for him as well.

    Have fun!

    Lots of sun screen and my own toiletries, especially conditioner. A wrap for cooler evenings comes in handy for me.

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    You might try this post from the Couples message board:

    We started this thread awhile back and there has been lots of great contributions added to it.

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