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    Default Randymon, oh the lions where are the lions?

    Randy Mon, oh the lions where are the lions?

    My wife and I have been going to Couples since 1996 and have seen the many, many changes. The only things we miss are the Couple’s Lions and the TI walking paths tropical gardens.

    Yes, the new logo is more sophisticated and classy but the lions added a sense of fun with a little naughty. Is there any chance that the lions can show up in or at appropriate times and places, and maintain the newer image of Couples?

    On the tropical gardens with waterfalls and birds, is there a way of bringing back the water features on property? They added an additional sense of tranquility, romance, and Caribbean luxury when you weren’t on the beach and maybe just taking a stroll with your loved one.


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    We particularly were sad to see the lions gone from the Island's pool...what better place than there to have them??

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    Default oh those lions...

    ...We too have fond memories of the lions...I have the lion gold charm and even a "Couples" rum with the lion logo on the well as many items purchased and items given to repeaters!
    ...The Lion's MEMORY will always remain and be recognized world wide! No one can ever erase that.

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