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    Default Booked our October Honeymoon!!

    We just booked our Honeymoon!! We will be arriving October 18th!! Anyone else going at that time? We are so excited! It will be out first time at a Couples Resort.

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    We will just miss you as we are booked 10/8-16th. However, this will be our 5th trip, so I can promise you that you will love everything about it. Bring several bathing suits...they don't dry out real quick. And be prepared for the hair issues with the humidity. Other than that, you will have a superb time. Look up Franklyn and Carrie...I highly suggest the "Dirty Banana"...

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    Going there for our honeymoon too, but we are leaving on the 18th. We will be there from 10/11 - 10/18, and this is our first Jamaica, and Couples trip.

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    My husband and I have been looking into this adn I think we'll finally be there late October 2011 for our delayed honeymoon and 10th anniversary, where we are also talking about renewing our vows...
    Please let me know what the weather's like...we're worried about rain and hurricanes. Newbies.....what can I say?

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    Hi OctBride!! I am also an October bride - getting married on October 10th...we are leaving for this beautiful resort on Oct 12 and we are staying until the 22nd. We are new to Couples and to Jamaica - can't wait!! Are you planning any excursions, or just staying at the resort/beach?

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    Hey Poolkat78! We might do 1 or 2 excursions. Were just going to wait till we get there to decide. We are mostly looking forward to just hanging out at the pool/beach having LOTS of drinks Where are you guys from?

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    Hi Octbride!
    We too will be spending a lot of time at the beach and pool drinking!! LOL
    We are having a whirlwind of an engagement. We fot engaged at the end of January, so it feels like a fast one! 5 Months to go!!!
    We are thinking of doing the canopy zip lining, maybe rent some moped's, jet skiing and parasailing (the last 2 we can do from the resort)
    We are from Ontario
    How's your wedding planning going?

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    Hey Poolkat 78! We are from Milwaukee, WI. We are interested in the zip lining too! Wedding planning is going pretty well. I'm trying to get as much stuff done now before summer comes!! Our weddings will be here before you know it. We will have to meet up and have some drinks for sure!! We will get there around noon on the 18th! I wish we were staying as long as you! My fiance couldn't get anymore time off work. Oh well... we will take what we can get Our names by the way are Mike and Kelly! What are your names? How old are you (if you dont mind me asking)?

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    Hi Octbride (aka Kelly),
    Good to hear that your planning is going well!! Ours is too! I've got pretty much everything ordered except for the centre pieces, and we are making our invitations so we'll have them done within the next 3 wks i think. I've also already received our wedding favours so we'll have them all put together shortly too :-) It's exciting and a bit nerve wracking all at the same time! Everyone is like, you still have 5 months, and i'm like...ONLY 5 months!! LOL
    I'm not getting any vacation time other than our honeymoon for the whole year, and it's going to be very difficult - but SOOO worth it!! I am lucky that we are getting married on our Thanksgiving long weekend, so i'm taking Friday the 8th off, the wedding is the 10th and i don't have to go back to work till the 25th - i've never had a vacation longer than the standard 7 days, so i'm really looking forward to it! When's your wedding day?
    My name is Cassandra and my man's name is Glen - Glen is 32 and i'm 31 - you?
    We'll keep an eye out for you on the 18th!! We should grab a drink and celebrate our new marriages!!!

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    p.s. my email is my tag name (all smaller case) @hotmail....if you want to chat :-)

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    Octbride - where'd you go?

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    Hey Cassandra... i'm sorry, i dont check this thing that often. Now are weddings are only 4 months away! Time is flying! My wedding is October 16 th. I will be 30 in July and Mike is 34. Can't wait to meet up with you guys!! Pray for great weather and NO hurricanes

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    Awww glad that you made it back!! :-)
    I'm REALLY looking forward to it!!! I have no idea how to insert a picture of us...if you look for Cassandra Chilton on Facebook, my profile picture is of us. Look for us when you arrive and we'll have some celebatory drinks!! Good luck with the wedding!!

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    We got married at CN in October 2005 and are going back for our anniversary Oct. 21-28... so excited and totally trying not to think about the hurricane stuff! :-/

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    Yes, i've blocked that out of my mind!! LOL
    I'm hoping that we are far enough to the West that we'll be ok if a storm rolls in...fingers crossed right!!

    We'll have to wish you a happy anniversary when you get there!! we are leaving the day after you get there....enjoy!! I can't WAIT to get there...less than 3 months!

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    We will be there from October 22 thru guess we'll get the opportunity to meet emilyc, and offer our congrats to the Octbride and Groom!! We are first timers at Couples Negril but not new to being married! ha. we can be reached at

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